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California Bright Smart Teeth Whitening Home Kit

California Bright Smart Teeth Whitening Home Kit

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A smile you can be happy with. Your smile can lose its sparkle for a variety of factors: smoking cigarettes, insufficient brushing and flossing, specific foods and even some medications. The California Bright Smart Teeth Whitening Kit can help provide you back a clean, gleaming smile that restores your confidence and makes you feel appealing once again. In simply 16 minutes a day, our home tooth whitening kit will slowly eliminate staining and have you smiling from ear-to-ear. Gentle yet effective Home System Including teeth whitening trays with LED lights that help trigger our 35% Carbamide Peroxide Gel, the Smart Teeth Whitening Kit puts the power to remove tooth stains in the palm of your hands. It needs no batteries, running rather with a cable television that is compatible with iPhone and Android gadgets. Tight fitting trays enhance whitening results while incorporated ventilation holes let you breathe through your mouth with ease. Dental & Food-Grade Elements We demand the first-rate non-toxic products for your comfort. These include waterproof, dental & medical grade ABS silicone trays and vegan-friendly whitening gel which contains Glycerin, Carbopol and Menthol. A compact bring case holds the trays and slim gel pens fit quickly into a pocket, brief-case or travel luggage to keep your smile clean and pristine in your home and on-the-go. With 16 LED lights to speed up the whitening process, our teeth whitening system uses the most powerful whitening system beyond a dentist s office. Let your smile alter your life. Include the California Bright Smart Teeth Whitening Home Kit to your oral care programs today. Functions: Designer Portable CaseWaterproof DesignSterile Storage ContainerFood Grade ABS SiliconeBPA Free & Non Latex16 Level Shade Guide Function: Powerful & Effective 16 Piece LEDPower Control16 Minute CountdownLight & Noise ReminderDesigned for Apple & AndroidNo Battery Required Whitening Gel: 35% Carbamide Peroxide Gel PenQuick & Easy Twist DesignSoft Bristle ApplicationVegan FreeFDA ApprovedIngredients: Glycerin, Carbopol, Menthol Read more Genuine Results & Easy to Follow Directions. Apply the Whitening Gel uniformly on your teeth.Next, link the device to your Smart device of option (Apple or Android). USB- C Adapter Included.Keep mouthpiece on for complete 16 Minute cycle. The device will instantly shut off when the cycle has actually been completed.Lastly, rinse your mouth and mouthpiece with water after use and take pleasure in. Read more

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How Can We Orders More Pens When We Go out?

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Can We Use Our Own Teeth Whitening Gel With This?

Yes. You shouldn t have any concerns

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Doesn’T Fit Our Phone, A Samsung Galaxy, Can We Return It?

They have adapters have utilized long back and physically seen

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Does It Have A Lighting Connecter For Newer Apple Iphones Like The Iphone X?

Yes deals with iPhones 5 and up.

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How Typically Can L Use It?

Follow instructions

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Can You Use With Samsung 8?

we have a note 9 l might not address this. As far as otrs talented yo l hsbmve no genuine recollection if successor phoneslikely lphones.we have android.

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Where Do We Get More Gel?


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How To Contactcaliforniabright. Business?


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We Have Gold Teeth In The Front How Will This Work Or Impact Our Everyday Unable To Take Out Gold Teeth?

They are an outstanding business. Any problem managed wellfast and considerate. we were and still am extra happy uo have purchased and talented them sometimes too.Ty

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How Do We Purchase Refills And How Much Are They?

Want To

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We are so happy we found this product. We will be required to fork out $360 for teeth whitening with the dentist. Nevertheless after inspecting this out, we can whiten our teeth in the personal privacy of our own home for with an amazing and cheaper choice. In the beginning, we weren t sure how using our phone was gon na help. However not long after, we recognized we can still walk while brightening our smile. The gel is easy to use and doesn t taste bad. There is a taste however absolutely nothing bad, what so ever. We were shocked at the shade of our teeth, when we utilized the sample strip it comeswith Instructions are easy, and strait forward. We were able to use it as quickly as we opened package. It comes perfectly packaged and legit. We had a wedding event and figured it was the perfect time to use. Didn t believe to far into it, considering that it was the very first time. Nevertheless the bride-to-be sent out over a photo people from the wedding event and now we see the distinction. Wowwwww. Even with one use it made a big distinction for us. Once again, so so happy selected the california bright led. Absolutely advise this product to our pals and family in addition to others. This one works.

We are person with typically white teeth. Like, naturally tooth-model white. Still, we wished to take our teeth to the top, so we looked for a boost– inexpensively. It began with us figuring out what remained in the crest white strips our older brother or sisters had actually liked and what remained in the zoom. Whitening system our dentist utilized: some kind of peroxide, either carbamide or hydrogen.Cool What do we do with that understanding? well, we began purchasing carbamide peroxide and moldable gel pieces from aliexpress and ebay. This sort of worked, however they ruined our gums for a few days after every use and truthfully appeared to whiten our gums more than our teeth. Still, after time, we discovered some whitening effect. Then we purchasedthese They are bit more expensive than the scrap we were purchasing, however damn if they do not work. After two days of use, we are beginning to observe a distinction. It may be all in our head, however, however we truly believe these may be what we were looking for.

Great, easy to use product. When looking for a teeth whitening kit this one stood out to us one of the most. The discussion is clean and quickly available to use. We love that it supplies an excellent quantity of gel for your teeth and the led mouth piece is super easy to use linking it to your phone and with the click of a button you simply sit back for 16 minutes and let the product do its magic. We see lead to a brief time period. Would absolutely advise this product to anybody seeking to make there teeth shades lighter.

Truthfully we have actually always been super doubtful of teeth whiteners however we purchased this one since one of our pals has actually been using it just recently and the results were indisputable. After attempting it ourself we need to state that this is quickly one of the very best purchases we have ever made on. After having a hard time with insecurity about how yellow our teeth were for so long, we can definitively state that this product has actually altered our life. We saw almost instant results after the very first number of days and sanctuary t stopped using it considering that and have actually gotten compliments from pals and co employees. This is quickly a 5-star product.

We discovered a distinction after the very first use and was blown away by the results. Easy to follow the directions on package and comes with a cool case to store the device in when done using. The led light on this person is truly strong, could not be better with our purchase.

Got ta state it works. Been using it for a couple days currently see a tint of yellowness disappearing. Up until now, an amazing product. Would rather much invest $45 than check out our dentist who attempted to set us up with a bleaching routine that was going to cost us $300 Love our kit. Will buy a other one quickly. Thanks california bright.

Our sis recommended this product to us since she acquired it a month back and it s worked marvels for her. Chosen to provide it a shot also and we can truthfully stating we are currently seeing lead to the tint of our teeth. Absolutely great quality for the cost we paid. Working well up until now. Thumbs up.

Excellent product. Whitens in addition to an in office dentist visit. Extremely advise.

Excellent product, we have actually only utilized for a little wile however up until now it s been excellent, well recommended product.

This kit conserved us a great deal of cash. The results are impressive even after only a week. The pens are easy to use they have bristles so you simply brush the gel onto your teeth unlike some other kits on the marketplace. Led light is very powerful too.

This was recommended by a good friend who had amazing results and we chose to provide it a shot. It is an easy product to use and results are fast and noticeable specifically when constant. We currently see the distinction and we are very thrilled to results as it advances.

Been using it for a couple days currently see a tint of yellowness disappearing. Up until now, an amazing product. Would rather much invest $45 than check out our dentist who attempted to set us up with a bleaching/ whitenening routine that was going to cost us $400

Did an excellent task on our kid’s teeth after braces.

Didn’t believe after only a number of times of using this product that we would get the results that we did. Plus its super convenient to use. Simply hook it approximately your phone throughout your idle time and have a whiter, cleaner smile at the same time. We love it. Extremely advise.

We have actually been using it a couple days a week for the previous number of weeks. Our teeth are 7 shades whiter according to the guide included. They keep getting whiter with each use. We extremely advise this product. It s very convenient to use too. The case that comes with it makes it perfect for taking a trip.

The system worked excellent, teeth are certainly whiter, the concept of using your phone was different however it worked excellent.

This whitening is precisely what we were lookingfor It comes with 4 whitening gels which will last us a very long time. It s very easy to use, however crucial the results are apparent. You can truly see the distinction simply after a couple utilizes.

Functions excellent. We can currently see the distinction. Our teeth are currently a number of shades whiter.:-RRB-.

” we attempted it a few times and had a noticeable effect. We believe if we keep using it for another few weeks there will be substantial enhancement. “.

Product works as explained. We saw some result from the very first couple times using it. After about a week of use we can inform we have actually moved a few shades whiter. Great find.

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