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  • THE RETURN STORY OF YOUR SMILE – 2-8 SHADES WHITER- Removes stains from coffee, wine, tea, and cigarette smoking. Experience your New Hollywood Smile in 7-10 days with our Enamel Safe, 35 Percent Carbamide PeroxideFormula With Low Sensitivity Serum included.
  • ‘ “BENEFIT IS KING (or Queen) Our Whitening Pens are perfect for On the Go, and Touch Up teeth whitening. Easy to use brush permits you to paint straight on to your teeth and in between tooth crevices. Better results than whitestrips, toothpaste, and hismile. Paint on teeth & let dry for 60 seconds, and you re excellent to go.
  • — COMPLETE SMILE CUSTOMER COMPLETE SATISFACTION – We put on t like fake smiles, so if you re not fully happy with your product, please let us know and we will provide you a complete refund. We are a California based business and our regional Smile Group will be all set to look after you

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Find Your Smile Our Most Powerful Teeth Whitening Pen Removes stains from coffee, wine, tea, and cigarette smoking Professional Results in as fast as 1treatment Experience a 2-8 Shade Whiter Smile in 7 days with our enamel safe Peroxide basedFormula Whats Included 2ml Teeth Whitening Pen with 35% Carbamide Peroxide Gel MADE IN THE USA– Our products are filled out a certified center in the USA. Beware– some popular sellers of whitening gels on pens are using poor quality paste from China WE ARE A REAL ESTABLISHED BUSINESS IN CALIFORNIA – Established in 2011, we are now the fastest growing teeth whitening business in the USA and UK for2019 CONTRIBUTE TO CART TODAY– We are having a truly tough time keeping this product in stock. The need has actually been outrageous. COMPLETE SMILE REFUND POLICY– If you are not 100% pleased with your product, you will get a complete refund instantly. We do motivate you to call our Smile Group to get another one of our amazing teeth whitening products to get your wanted results.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Cali White VEGAN TEETH WHITENING PEN.

Question Question 1

Does Calwe White Make A Remineralization Pen? The Guidelines In The Kit States To Use One However We Can T Seem To Find It.?

Thank you a lot for your inquiry.We are so sorry, however we are no longer bring a remineralization pen. We were not happy with the formula and after comprehensive research chose that it was not needed. Our saliva does an excellent task of remineralizing our teeth naturally after whitening:-RRB-

Question Question 2

Does This Whiten Porcelain Crowns?

Hi thanks for your question:) No whiting products on the marketplace will whiten cosmetic dentistry work like crowns, veneers or bridges you would require to consult your dentist on choices for you.

Question Question 3

Is This Product Toothpaste Looking Are Clear Gel?. When We Click It Seemed Clear.?

Thank you a lot for your inquiry.This is our Calwe White Teeth Whitening Pen, not our toothpaste. Our Pen does have a clear gel inside:-RRB-

Question Question 4

Does It Have A Taste?

A light minty taste

Question Question 5

Does This Product Contain Palm Oil Or Any Ingredients Originated From Palm Oil?

we uncertain.

Question Question 6

How Do We Use This With The Led Tray? And May We Use It With An Led Tray From Elsewhere?

No requirement for an LED light with the Whitening pens. You simply brush the gel on your teeth let sit for 1-3 minutes and then reject excess and your all set to go. 10 applications per pen.

Question Question 7

Can It Simply Be Rinsed Off With Water? Or Does It Truly Required To Be Brushed Off? Its Not Truly “On The Go” If It Needs Brushing It Off?

Thank you a lot for your inquiry.We do advise brushing after if you can or cleaning it off, however when we state “on the go” we indicate it is a quicker alternative to retouch and whiten your smile while taking a trip or setting about a hectic day:-RRB-

Question Question 8

How Long Does It Last After You Apply It?

Thank you a lot for your inquiry.If you are describing results, that depends upon several aspects consisting of hereditary makeup and staining. If you are describing for how long the gel remains on the teeth, we advise using for 1-3 minutes and then brushing it off unless you use it with a tray:-RRB-

Question Question 9

Can You Use The Led Light With The Pens?

You can however you ought to only leave the gel from the pens on your teeth for 1-3 minutes and then reject.

Question Question 10

Brush With Or Without Water Or Wipe We Are Lost We Believe We Did It Incorrect And We Are Not Seeing Absolutely Nothing Help Me?

Thank you a lot for selecting CalweWhite To use our Whitening Pen, you simply wipe it on and let it sit for a minute or more before brushing off with water and your toothbrush. If you have trays you can keep it on for approximately 30 minutes:-RRB- If you have any additional questions, please message us straight so we can help.

Question Question 11

Do We Leave On For 1 Or 2 Hours? Do We Need to Brush Our Teeth After, Or Not? Likewise, How Long After Using Should We Wait Before Consuming?

Thank you a lot for your inquiry.You can use our Whitening Pen a few different methods. If you desire simply a quick on the go touch up, you can leave it on for a few minutes and then reject. If you have a tray, you can apply and leave it on for 30 minutes:-RRB-

Question Question 12

Does This Tooth Whitening Gel Contain Acid That Will Etch Your Teeth?

Thank you a lot for your query. No, it does not:-RRB-

Question Question 13

Is This Product Helpful For Teens?

Thank you a lot for your inquiry.We do not advise using any whitening product with peroxide under the age of 16 however our Botanical Whitening system is great.However, we do advise the discretion of moms and dads when figuring out if your kid is old enough to whiten their teeth:-RRB-

Question Question 14

Does This Whitening Pen Work On Veneers?

Thank you a lot for your inquiry.Unfortunately, whitening gels/products do not whiten veneers. We advise seeing your dentist as they should be able to help you:-RRB-

Question Question 15

Does The Product Required To Be Brushed Off Before Consuming/How Long After Application Can We Consume?

After brushing on the gel from the pen let is rest on your teeth for 1-3 minutes and then brush away excess gel. There have to do with 10 applications in each pen. You can consume however advise prevent consuming or consuming any dark foods/drinks after a treatment for a minimum of an hour.

Question Question 16

Can This Product Get Rid Of White Areas On Teeth?

It didn’t noticeably whiten our teeth.

Question Question 17

Can This Be Utilized With The Led Light Rather Of The Gel And Trays?

This is a pen which contains gel that you brush straight on your teeth. There are no trays included, so you may be describing a different product by the exact same business.

Question Question 18

How Lots Of Applications Do You Need To Apply In Order To See Results?

we saw results after three or 4 applications. Simply apply to clean teeth and put on t put your lips over your teeth for a minimum of a minute

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and using the product, or based upon some research work) on Cali White VEGAN TEETH WHITENING PEN, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

This product works and it works fast. We might inform a minor distinction simply a few minutes after the very first application.

In the beginning we were hesitant to buy this for whitening our teeth however due to the rate being so affordable we figured we would offer it a shot. We got it and followed the easy instructions and wow was we areazed. Its rarely any longer were a product comes tossed with what they state they do. This one actualy does however. Its definatley gave up the surprise. You wont be pull down if you choose to get this for your smile. Tara heffner- im not even terrified to leave our name since thats just how much im impressed by this product.

Lightened our teeth after the very first application. Terrific product.

We use whitening strips – they re part of our when a month routine. So, we didn’t know how this whitening pen would ‘suit our requirements, however it s quickly end up being an almost daily thing – as we are preparing and placing on our makeup, simply a turn of the dial and few quick brushes of the pen and we are able to target any areas that the magnifying mirror informs us need some extra care. It s easy, it s easy and it truly works. We extremely advise.

We simply began using for 3 days now and we can inform a minor distinction. We use in the evening right after we brush our teeth. We have high for to see what our teeth appear like after about a week. We will certainly do an upgrade evaluation.

This product is amazing. We have actually only been using it for 3 days and we can currently see a distinction in our teeth. The best feature of it is how quick and easy it is to use. We utilized to use white strips, which need to rest on your teeth for 30 minutes at a time and leave them feeling super sensitive after. This gel dries in 60 seconds and is used like a pen straight to the teeth. It doesn t have much flavor so it can be a bit difficult to inform if you ve put enough on, however you ll know in a few days when you see the distinction in the color of your teeth. It likewise is available in a smooth silver tube, which can be insinuated your bag and used in a pinch (super helpful if you re out someplace consuming red wine and get purple teeth like we do). We would certainly buy this once again.

This is such a brilliant product. We never ever go a day without it in our bag now. A professional teeth whitening pen that works and super easy to use. You simply clean and dry your teeth, apply a thin layer of gel, smile for 60 seconds to let it dry, and reject the gel and smile. Easy peasy and voila. A pen you can take anywhere and get your teeth 2 – 8 shades whiter. And it s so affordable. Bye bye crest whitestrips and hey there caliwhite.

In the beginning glimpse, the product is very helpful and easy to use applicator truly made the entire process a lot much easier and quicker than a traditional teeth whitening strip. This pen applicator resembles a lip gloss applicator other than you would use it on your teeth. Attempt to prevent getting a great deal of the product on your gums since this does consist of perixode ingredients that might be annoying for individuals with sensitive gums. This product states to supply two shades whiter so if you desire a strong or a more whiter effect this is not the product for you. This is likewise a temporary solution to teeth whitening which it does its task in the short-term effect.

Bought it to offer it a shot, our dentist always stated we have “transparent” teeth so they are white however do not look it (or something). Well we provided it a chance and observed the distinction. More than any whitening strips and it does not injure our teeth like a whitening strip (we have actually attempted a great deal of things. )want to keep using it for a long term distinction. Will publish an upgraded evaluation.

Our teeth have actually been looking a little dull recently because we changed to a 100% natural tooth paste so we use this for a little extraness and it works marvels.

Very easy to use nevertheless the guidelines on box leave out the reality that you re expected to leave it on for a minimum of an hour which appears extreme considering their other whitener (with the mouth tray) is only expected to remain on for 30 minutes and there isn’t anything that comes with this product to safeguard your lipsit works however if your sensitive it will sting your gums specifically if you re using in mix with their other productswould rather use the whitener with mouth tray.

It does work however you can t see when it s ready to runout So possibly order two at a time. Did not trouble our teeth. No twingy discomforts or sensitivity.

We have actually always utilized a great deal of whitening products however this pen is so easy. We simply leave it in our vehicle and whiten on our method to work.

Love this since you can take it with you. We consume a great deal of coffee and typically have stains on our teeth that we require to eliminate. We likewise have sensitive teeth and can’t truly deal with severe trays or products, however this is easy to use and truly works. The results are fast, however we have found we need to use it typically. It deserves it however since it does not include any extra sensitivity to teeth.

Certainly lightened our teeth on the very first shot which was a very enjoyable surprise. Tastes excellent, easy to use. Simply beware if you have sensitive teeth however otherwise terrific product.

We consume a great deal of tea and coffee and have actually discovered a little bit of tint on our teeth. We formerly utilized other teeth whitening products in our hay day however have actually transformed to an alternative, healthier lifestyle so got truly thrilled when we saw that this was vegan. We can certainly see a distinction in whiteness and like that our teeth put on t get insane sensitive from it. Would certainly buy once again & advise.

We have actually been using this product for a week and it appears to be working. We observed small whitening throughout our very first application however it might be that the gel ends up being white foam. We sanctuary t lightened our teeth in years so we may require 3 more days with reapplying the product to get the results we desire. Application is super easy and having no taste is a plus. We eagerly anticipate re using.

Suuuper easy and convenient to use. This is a much quicker and easy solution compared to the tray system (which we likewise like). The only disadvantage is that it certainly injures your teeth for the very first minute, and stings your lips a bit. However it disappears. The tube is very sturdy and good looking, too.

5+ product. We began seeing apparent results after the first application. Since day 5 we continued to see above typical results with each new application. The instructions are easy to comprehend, succinct, and clear. We have actually been using the pen daily and have not experienced any sensitivity. The gel is unappetizing, with only a tip of mint. Likewise whitens in between teeth, leading to an even result. We certainly will buy once again and will advise this product.

Terrific little whitening pen that is perfect for travel. So easy to use and absolutely mess evidence. There’s no taste or smell and does not aggravate our sensitive gums. After a week of use, we see some small enhancement with our teeth, will certainly continue using this.

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