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Blitzby Teeth Whitening Pen - Upgraded Formula

Blitzby Teeth Whitening Pen – Upgraded Formula

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Blitzby Teeth Whitening Pen – Upgraded Formula.

  • GENTLE & EFFECTIVE – Teeth whitening doesn t require to be unpleasant any longer. With the gentle formula, the painless process does not provide you any sensitivity. It helps remove years of stains, and brightens your teeth a few shades whiter with successive use.
  • EASY & FAST – You can quickly apply the gel in seconds, and simply require to wait two minutes. Uncomplicated and mess-free.
  • You can trust the quality. Gluten-free, kosher and safe for enamel.
  • INNOVATIVE DESIGN – The transparent design of the case lets you see the precise quantity of the staying gel. Simply twist the pen to press out the gel. Streamlined design likewise makes it portable. No leak.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Blitzby Teeth Whitening Pen – Upgraded Formula.
Teeth Whitening Pen Includes: Removes Years of Stains Safe & Gentle Teeth Whitening Compact Design Travel-Friendly Fast Results Easy to Use Affordable No Sensitivity Product Includes: 2 Teeth Whitening Pen (30+ utilizes)

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Blitzby Teeth Whitening Pen – Upgraded Formula.

Question Question 1

Is It Truly Effective?

Yes.we have utilized one pen up until now and our teeth are noticeably whiter. A number of shades.Will use the second pen to keep. When a week. Was never ever looking for popping white teeth.Made an excellent distinction.

Question Question 2

Have Anybody Use It Before? Is It Really Work?

Hi yes we have utilized Blitzby Teeth Whitening and it works fantastic. we are tea drinker so we need to keep using a couple times a week however it fasts and easy to use.

Question Question 3

What Is The Ingredients?

The box label states propylene glycol glycerin 97%, vegetableUSP, Carbamide( urea) Peroxide, Tromaththamine, Acess THIX880 (Carbopol 941), Peppermint, Tetrasodium EDTA, Stevia 85% RebA

Question Question 4

Do You Need To Wait Numerous Hours Before Washing It Off Your Teeth?

1 hour before washing according to package.

Question Question 5

How Numerous Pens Do You Get – Descricption States 2 However Info States 1?

we got 2. And we like them.

Question Question 6

Can You Use This Product Daily And Long Term?

we have been using this product for a while, like a month,and we are very happy with the results. we believe it’s different from individual to individual however it’s work for us.

Question Question 7

Can This Be Utilized Daily For Long Term?

we use it long term

Question Question 8

Does This Have A Mint Flavor At All?

No mint flavor

Question Question 9

Does Anybody Know If It S Safe For A 10 Years Of Age? Tia?

Most Likely is because it does not appear to even work for adults.

Question Question 10

How Numerous Ml In Each Pen?

The box states 2 ml total weight – each pen needs to be 1 ml.

Question Question 11

Can We Use This Pen With Our Led Light?

Yes. That’s what we do. we believe it does help.

Question Question 12

Where Is This Product From?

we are sorry, we are not exactly sure about that. Ought to state on site.

Question Question 13

Can This Product Be Utilized Under Invisalign?

we do not know

Question Question 14

Viene Uno Solo O Los 2 Como Aparece En La Imagen?

Solo viene uno

Question Question 15

Do You Brush Your Teeth Before Using?

Yes. After we brush at nite we apply pen well and keep smiling broad to let it take in. Then as you sleep it will be on your teeth ??

Question Question 16

Ok To Use A Mouth Guard At Evening?


Question Question 17

Does This Work On Bonded Teeth?


Question Question 18

Which Pen Was On Shark Tank?

we are sorry, we are not exactly sure about that.

Question Question 19

Our Teeth Are Yellow From Age More Than Anything Else (In Our 50 S)– Would This Help?

Yes it will help however wear t anticipate miracles.we have seen whitening.Also no sensitivity to our teeth which is fantastic

Question Question 20

How Long Does It Take To See A Distinction?

we saw a small distinction after using it. However a big distinction after a week.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and using the product, or based upon some research work) on Blitzby Teeth Whitening Pen – Upgraded Formula, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

Having operated in a dental office for several years, we are rather familiar with numerous kinds of bleach. We purchased another brand before we attempted this and it not did anything. We chose to attempt blitzby and we understood as quickly as we utilized it that this was the genuine thing. Not only does it absolutely whiten however with no sensitivity, which is very uncommon. It is easy to use and gets in between teeth. We are incredibly happy with this product and will buy once again.

Uncertain our pic offers it. Nevertheless(.) we are 50 years old and have never ever utilized any whitening products (well, other than for toothpaste). We consume coffee everyday (all right, lattes) and just recently took an image with a high school good friend and saw our teeth weren t as white as we would like. We utilized as soon as, last night. We will prob use it every night before bed. It does state 1-2 times a day. It definitely is easy enough to do. No doubt after a week they will be even whiter (fingers crossed).

Amazing product. We utilized a great deal of product and kept itnone for a minimum of a minute early morning and night. We saw a big distinction after two weeks.

By 3rd use (image connected) we saw great deals of modification with whiter smile and still natural looking whitening. No ‘glow in the dark fake smile like some individuals:-RRB-.

Utilized both tubes. See pic for results. No pain or sensitivity problems and our teeth are very sensitive. Would use once again and have recommended to good friends.

We definitely love this product, it is so easy to use and gets your teeth white. We attempted the whitening kits with the light and the gel and for the 30 minutes we need to sit and wait with that darn blue light sticking out of our mouth, we were simply over it and it didn’t make a big distinction. The whitening strips always leave our teeth in pain, so after checking out the evaluations about this pen, we chose to provide it a shot. We were so happy at how easy this pen is to use, you click, spread out on teeth, wait a minutes and bam, a mouth loaded with minty whitening freshness. How easy is that. We will absolutely always have one of these pens around for our pearlies. Buy it.

Love it. So easy to use and we absolutely see the distinction in color in our teeth.

We just recently got our teeth professionally cleaned up. We did not desire a fake ultra white smile. This product is assisting us keep the whiteness we prefer. We make certain if you leave on longer and do the recommended use you can accomplish that ultra white. Simply not for us.

We have utilized this product two times now & have currently seen a distinction. We put it on after we brush our teeth during the night. It is so easy to use, you simply turn the base of the stick till you see the drop of gel. A bit goes a long method. We use a mouth spreader to pull our cheeks and lips away from our teeth, then we proclaimed our teeth & then wait a minimum of one minute before we unwind our mouth. The gel does not have a bad taste, however it’s not a taste either. It advises us of the sliour stuff utilized on whitening strips. It liquifies quickly & we sleep with it on our teeth. We got two sticks – so we believe the results will last us some time. Up until now we are very happy. We have very sensitive gums & we have seen no sensitivity.

This product is so easy and quick to use. No issue using it two times a day if you desire. There is no gum inflammation as with some products.

We have paid our dentist over $150 00 for whitening our test. Never ever once again, this is an exceptional product and so easy to use. We extremely advise, conserve your cash, do not use dentist whitening process, use blitzby teeth whitening. So pleased, 100% ~ ~’.

We offered the blitzby pen s a shot due to the numerous favorable evaluations from users. Due to the fact that of our extreme dark coffee drinking, and a requirement to provide an excellent look to customers in our occupation, we wished to find a product that not only worked however was likewise quick and basic to use. Having attempted the big called toothpaste business products and been dissatisfied, we can truthfully state we weren t anticipating much from the blitzby pen– possibly a small to moderate shade whiter. Well, this product absolutely surpassed our expectations. Our teeth are noticeably whiter than they have remained in years. We are not going to state this is the only quick and easy product out there that works there are most likely others. However we can confirm that this product s does what it declares. We are very happy with the results from the blitzby pens.

We use this product before bed (makes not consuming or consuming anything much easier) and we have seen a distinction over the last few days. It’s no magic bleaching pen, however it absolutely works. It takes a few days to see a distinction, so do not anticipate to use it the night before your wedding day, however provide it a week and you’ll see results. Likewise, very little sensitivity even after routine use and we have very sensitive chompers.

Simply got this product and have only utilized as soon as so it’s prematurely to inform how it works. We formerly utilized a comparable product that did an excellent task however chose to attempt blitzby. The other product had a brush which worked well for us as we have some dark areas in between our teeth. This brush is more like a flat toothbrush with out the longer bristles of a brush. Choose the longer bristles – appear to be much easier to use and we feel we can inform better that we are using product properly.

We use a couple of days and is beginning currently white one of our teeth is broke and fake that’s delight going to white however our genuine teeth are all start white and we are so happy and likewise we are cigarette smoker still make our teeth white you absolutely get it best products.

We wished to attempt something other then the normal whitening strips. We found great evaluations on this whitening pen and chose to provide it a shot. It offered instant results after 1 hour. You apply a percentage on your teeth and do not eat/drink for one hour. We use my own before bedtime. It does help with the yellow stains in between our teeth due to coffee and wine. It states to use it 7 days in a row for best results however we didn’t have enough staining to require to do that. We simply use the gel once/twice a week to keep our teeth white. Absolutely an excellent product and it’s very affordable. No more whitening strips required. Make sure not to apply excessive gel (which we did the very first time). We have sensitivity to this kind of treatment and it absolutely triggered some pain for the very first few seconds. The second time we utilized this, we used a much thinner quantity of gel and it was fantastic. No pain.

We in fact like these pens, there’s a little scrubby brush on completion, our company believe we see a distinction in whiteness and most significantly, we have no sensitivity. Given, if we utilized them two times a day we would whiteness however we slouch user and only use during the night. We would advise them though if you have purchased things that specify “no sensitivity” however get it anyhow. These nevertheless do not so yay.

We see a whitening distinction. The brush is stiff, like a brush more like a paint brush. However does the task.

Simple and easy to use. You do not require to leave it on for long unlike other products (gel trays and strips). Gets the job done quickly. We have sensitive teeth and there was no pain with this product.

These are amazing. We are both using these, and happily amazed by how after the very first use just how much whiter our teeth were. If we informed you it takes 60 seconds you wouldn t think us, it takes 60 seconds. Think us. So easy. Laughably easy. We have sensitive teeth, can not use trays. This doesn t trouble us at all. Yellow coffee, tea and food stains gone. Better than when we go to the dentist office. For a lot less cash too. We can state that since we pay for everything. We re pretty darn happy.

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