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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Bleachbright Starbright Pen.

  • 12% Hydrogen Peroxide Gel on one side
  • Enamel Boost Gel on opposite
  • Whiter Teeth & Stronger Enamel
  • No Sensitivity

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More Info:

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Do you desire a sparkly white smile, however you simply do not believe you have the time to keep it? reconsider. bleachbright’ sstarbright dual action pen lets you whiten your teeth and strengthen your tooth enamel, anywhere you desire … It’s that easy to use, and portable. Touch- up and keep your bright white smile with the whitening gel, and use the enamel booster gel to strengthen your teeth and safeguard versus staining. All that whitening and securing, and it suits a portable pen that you can keep in your pocket, handbag, or carry-on bag. attempt it today and see the distinction immediately.how it works: loosen the cap on the whitening gel end of the pen. Apply a thin layer of gel to your teeth, and permit 30 seconds for it to dry. Change the cap on the whitening gel end, and repeat the process with the enamel booster end for more powerful, whiter, more powerful teeth in less than 2 minutes.features: the starbright dual action pen is the perfect product to keep your bright white smile and your oral health when youre on the go. With 30 applications worth of gel and enamel booster in one pen, each pen permits you to: remove stains (from coffee, soda pop, wine, and so on) as they take place with the whitening gel. Block new stains from taking place with the enamel booster. Safeguard and keep your smile for around a month 1 starbright dual action pen with whitening gel and enamel booster gel includes 12% hydrogen peroxide.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Bleachbright Starbright Pen.

Question Question 1

We Want To Know More About How This Would Feel On Sensitive Teeth And Exposed Root Locations. We Valued The One Evaluation Ouchie.?

this response is based upon our own experience using this product. we have a very sensitive teeth as we have a great deal of work done to it. we utilized this two times a week as an upkeep to keep our teeth white. When we utilized we apply it overnight with making use of mouth guard. Do not feel any pain and excellent for sensitive teeth.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and using the product, or based upon some research work) on Bleachbright Starbright Pen, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

Helps us keep our $$$ dentist’s whitened teeth white.

We utilized it 3 days and currently see a distinction. And unlike the strips, this one you can target which teeth you require lightened.

Functions terrific. Easy to use.

This bleached our teeth after the very first use. We love it, bought one for our hubby too and he likes it too:-RRB- absolutely will be bought more when we run out of our present ones:-RRB-.

We have utilized two whitening systems. Professionally fitted trays that you need to use overnight – what a big pain in the ****. However that was years ago and technology has altered alot needless to state. We later on attempted the one that includes the ultra light device that you need to keep in your mouth for 15 minutes. Worked truly well however likewise a pain. This stuff is amaaaazzzing in simply 15 seconds. We am a cigarette smoker and coffee drinker and we can not think the distinction after the very first use. We put my makeup mirror on high and utilized the zoom side before we utilized it so we might get an great appearance and when we compared the “after” we was genuinely surprised. Tip – in the beginning we attempted to do the top and bottom and found it difficult to keep my mouth o [en to permit it to “dry”. Then we recognized the bottom does not truly matter. We still do the bottom however do not stress over keeping my mouth open for both, and it still makes the bottombetter No one truly sees the bottom anyhow when you smile.

We like how minty it makes our breath. We are unsure that it brightens our teeth however we believe it helps make them glossy. Our teeth are currently relatively white so this simply provide us extra shine and great breath. However we always have it in our handbag. It helps us from snacking too.

Very great.

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