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Billy Bob Teeth Impression Material-Extra Thermal Beads

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Billy Bob Teeth Impression Material-Extra Thermal Beads.

  • One bag of extra fitting material.
  • Use hot water to re-mold your Billy Bob teeth to the perfect fit.
  • An affordable method to spruce up your Billy Bob joke teeth, Secure Smile or Vampire Fangs.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Billy Bob Teeth Impression Material-Extra Thermal Beads.
Size: One- Size Ea/Poly Bag With Header Card. One bag of extra fitting material. teeth to the perfect fit. Secure Smile or Vampire Fangs.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Billy Bob Teeth Impression Material-Extra Thermal Beads.

Question Question 1

How Do The Beads Work? Their Was No Instuctions With Our Order?

Mine did have directions and all you do is take a coffee mug with 1/4 cup approximately of water and microwave the water till it is pretty warm however not hot. Drop the beads in the water till they turn clear (10 to 15 seconds) than scoop up with a spoon and with your hands, work quickly into a worm shape and press onto the t Mine did have directions and all you do is take a coffee mug with 1/4 cup approximately of water and microwave the water till it is pretty warm however not hot. Drop the beads in the water till they turn clear (10 to 15 seconds) than scoop up with a spoon and with your hands, work quickly into a worm shape and press onto the teeth. we purchased the beads and the teeth to briefly change 4 teeth we had actually pulled till we might get partial dentures. we liked these a lot that we are still using them daily and have yet to buy dentures. we even bought a second set of the teeth and had enough beads delegated do the second set for a back up. Hope this helps.

Question Question 2

Can This Product Be Utilized To Conceal Or Fix A Small Chipon Front Teeth? How Long Would It Adhere?

The fitting beads on their own most likely would not work to well on their own. They are utilized as an adhesive to connect the instant smile teeth.

Question Question 3

How To Apply Beads To A Damaged Tooth?

The beads are suggested to be heated up so they can be formed, like a gel or gum. Follow the directions on the bundle for the best results.

Question Question 4

What Are These Beads For?

True Blessings in Yeshua-Holy Noise.The beads are to be immersed in hot water to soften them, to be utilized as a” glue” mold-form to fit the individual’s teeth individually.Namaste, Blessings in Yeshua-Holy Noise.The beads are to be immersed in hot water to soften them, to be utilized as a” glue” mold-form to fit the individual’s teeth individually.Namaste, Omody

Question Question 5

Wouldn’T This Damage Your Natural Teeth?

our experience was great.it did not harm our natural teeth and lasted for months. It’s detachable, for that reason easy to keep surrounding teeth clean.

Question Question 6

We Wished To Make Grell Teeth For A Minimum Of Our Front 4 Top Teeth Perferably Our Top 6, Exists Enough Beads For That?

No, there’s only enough to make about 2 or 3 teeth. Very small pack.

Question Question 7

What If You Have A Tough Time Gettinng Them Out How Do You Loosen Up Them To Get Out Of Your Mouth?

Swishing hot, not scalding, coffee water tea etc in your mouth need to soften the beads and make it simpler to remove.

Question Question 8

Can These Be Utilized To Cover Existing Teeth? We Wish to Make Our Teeth White.?

setting beads are utilized to place on the back of the instant smile teeth

Question Question 9

Can You Consume With These Or Is It Uneasy?

You can consume with them however you need to ensure they fit snuggly. Likewise stay with softer kinds of food. Difficult stuff, nuts for example, are bit to rough.

Question Question 10

We Are Missing Our Top Center Front 4 Teeth, Will We Have The Ability To Mold These And Fit Around The Rest Of Them?

What does that need to do with anything? These do not work.

Question Question 11

Are These Beads Make In Usa Or China?


Question Question 12

Can You Include On To Currently Molded Dentures, Will It Stick To The Dentures?

The beads will stay with beads that have actually currently been formed and fitted. Simply ensure to have actually brushed those currently fitted and that they are clean. For the very best adherence it is valuable to heat up the old and the new.

Question Question 13

Can You Consume With These And Do They Stay In?

No, you can’t consume with these in your mouth since it’s not a dental/medical product. These aren’t made for anybody to consume with, you need to remove them from your mouth before you consume. we advise following the maker’s standards for your safety and for the durability of the product.

Question Question 14

We Have A Discolored Front Tooth Can We Mold This On There To Cover Gray Location?


Question Question 15

Can It Be Utilized To Make A Fake Denture?

we use them for vaneers. Boil water, location about 3 or 4 beeds in and wait for them to end up being transparent then pull out with small spoon. Roll in between fingers and location in between teeth and vaneers.

Question Question 16

Do The Beeds Work To Fill Out A Gap In Between Our Two Front Teeth?

That is not what this product is designed to be utilized for.

Question Question 17

Can This Be Utilized For Fake Fangs?

Yes, simply mold it into a fang, let it establish

Question Question 18

If We Mold It Over Braces Will It Still Come Off?

No, this product ought to not be utilized if you use braces.

Question Question 19

Do You Supply To India?

We do deliver to India. We are not a wholesale merchant.

Question Question 20

Are These Great For Our Fangs And How Lots Of Do We Need To Use So We Can Put Our Fangs On?.?

This product is designed to be utilized to connect instant smile teeth.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and using the product, or based upon some research work) on Billy Bob Teeth Impression Material-Extra Thermal Beads, these may be helpful for better understanding.

Love this. Easy to use and we found ourself practicing with a gum before doing it with this product. We use about 10 beads and sufficed for our missing tooth, you might require less ormore However we enjoy with the results, the color is white so if your teeth are not we have actually seen some individuals using some tea water to make it more yellow.

We love this stuff. We can’t use it for days like some individuals state you can, however we use it typically. We have a missing tooth in the center back that reveals when we smile big. We made a replacement tooth with this and utilized it for wedding event images. It works like an appeal.

Dont let them solidify on your teeth, its a pain to leave we broke our tooth pulling it off.

This deserve it. When we initially saw it we were sort of hesitant. It’s a smaller sized bag that we initially believed. Only took us about 10-15 minutes to make two fangs and we utilized about 15 beads each. Does not ruin our speech. Amazing and absolutely would however once again.

This is a very excellent product if you are missing a tooth,, our grand son remains in the dreadful 2s lol and he tossed a toy at us knocking our front top tooth out,, we have a wedding event in two weeks, our boy is getting wed and our dentist will take 4 weeks to have a crown made, we made a tooth and it basically fixed our issue untill our dentist can repair it effectively, outstanding product for emergency situations,,??????.

We acquired these for our child to use with her fake vampire fangs. She likes them and each one can be utilized numerous times and they are remoldable.

Tip. A little goes a long method. We have actually never ever utilized this before so this was intriguing. Considering that we have actually never ever utilized these before we put one to lots of beads in the water. Needless to state we had more then enough adhesive to creat a complete set of teeth. (we didnt even use half the bag) it comes with very easy to check out directions on how to use them and mold them to how you desire them to look. Considering that we simply required it to custom fit our 13 mm fangs to our teeth, we actually only required a few beads. Like 3 or 4 for each tooth. We would advise this to anybody aiming to make your own teeth or to use it as adhesive for fake fangs. We will need to renovate our very first effort. As im pertaining to understand our error. Hope this helps.

We purchased this product to use as adhesive for a pair of vampire fangs. The original adhesive for one of the teeth was fine however the second was a little ruined. This product is relatively easy. Warm the little balls in hot water and we pushed 2 into one of the teeth. Put that over our tooth, took out, and let harden. The very first time we did it it didn’t stay with the tooth well however the second time was fine. There are many adhesive balls so it does not actually matter if you require to reboot.

Very easy to make a tooth with these beads. We were very happy to have something readily available to conceal the missing tooth we have. Delivering was fast and this was our very first and an incredibly excellent purchase for usfrom Thanks.

Desire the directions were more comprehensive for this product, however we figured itout It only takes around 1-2 beads per tooth. We utilized these for a vampire outfit, so simply the two teeth. We warmed our beads in a coffee mug filled with water and then utilized a spoon to fish themout They require to be very hot. Jam them into the tooth base and then mold to your tooth right away. Functions well after a few attempts.

We checked out a few bad evaluations about this product, however given that it was inexpensive, we chose to offer it a shot. After following the instructions (which are very basic and straightforward), this product is a miracle employee. A number of months back, we had a tooth pulled that was found on the left top of our mouth, due to infection. The dentist wished to do a root canal, which cost over 1,50000 Yeah right. We didn’t have the cash and we remained in a lot pain, so we had them pull it for free. Nevertheless, it left a gap on the side of our mouth which is very noticeable. We always looked after our teeth and this was a big shame for us. We bought this product and we are significantly happy with the outcome. It is undoubtedly an issue solver till we get the cash to get our tooth changed. It fit right in, has actually never ever popped out, it is not stained and mixes in with the color of our white teeth. This product is a temporary fix, not an irreversibleone We do not consume with it in. In closing, all we can state is, this inexpensive product is excellent. All you require is one pack, unless you’re attempting to fill out more than one missing tooth.

This is sort of an evaluation and extra instructions for use. Evaluation: these beads work as explained. The only grievance we would have is you do not actually get enough beads to do a great fitting. We make sure the manufacture, in a regulated setting, figured out the variety of beads it would require to develop a mold. However, we do not believe they accounted for “joe person” not understanding how to develop a completely even mold. We believe offering the customer a little more beads would provide a little more wiggle space for errors. Extra instructions: the instructions that come with the beads inform you to put the beads in very warm water. By very hot, they indicate almost boiling. We initially put the beads in very warm water and they never ever turned clear. We needed to almost boil water and put them in there to get them to turn clear which took place pretty quick. When you put the beads in, they all sink to the bottom of your cut. The instructions inform you to scoop them out with a spoon. A little valuable tip. Stir your cup of water with your spoon and all of your beads will lot and stick. Then you can simply scoop them out in one clump.

These beads do work well. We believed it would be more challenging than it was to use these as we keep in mind the old putty kind of impression material. After following the directions exactly the material formed well and kept in our billy bob teeth as if they were our own. The material, when we were forming it, welcomed our teeth so that when we are using the billy bob teeth they remain in location, and are easy to remove when we are done.

Utilized this to fit our fake teeth for a cosplay, worked perfect. We will state this bag wasnt enough for both our top and bottom teeth with a secure fit, so we would advise two bags if you require both top and bottom. We have a pretty bad overbite so we can’t actually use the bottom set of our teeth anyhow, so this sufficed for us.

It takes some getting utilized to, once you figure out the ideal timing, it works excellent. It’s likewise reusable so a little goes a long method. If using with fangs, fill the fangs up the secure better, do not simply use one or 2 beads. Likewise, the buggers are small so have a large surface area to prepare. Do not do it on the restroom counter. We lost a great bit down the drain by mishap.

These beads worked the like the beads that were included with the teeth. Simply hear them up in water, include them to the fake teeth and bite them. Adapt to center and make level with the bottom teeth quickly or you’ll need to reheat.

Are careful fo the size/ amount you are getting. They require to include more beads to the bag or increase the quantity for the rate. The beads are not a big as we prepared for, however they work simply excellent for the job. You can keep remelting in super warm water as lot of times as required. See images for real size contrast. Sent them in a big box (very unneeded).

Absolutely takes some practice to make the beads spread out thin enough to be comfortable however still strong enough to remain on teeth and maybe hold fake teeth in location also.

Our front cap fell off and we barely had any tooth to adhere it back onto. We attempted numerous of the dental cement products, however there was simply inadequate tooth to seal the cap back on. We actually didn’t believe this product would work, however for the rate, we had absolutely nothing to lose. We checked out the instructions and followed them. After 3 efforts we were able to make a front tooth with this simply product & it looks much better than the original cap that fell off. We are surprised.

We love it. It assisted till we got to our dentist. Was easy to use likewise. We utilized this product before and will use it once again if essential.

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