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Billy-Bob Instant Smile Teeth Lower Veneer

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Complete your Hollywood smile with our lower veneer. An affordable alternative to cosmetic dentistry or expensive dental gadgets. For use with secure bonding cream developing a perfect smile.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Billy-Bob Instant Smile Teeth Lower Veneer.

Question Question 1

Can You Talk With These And Noise Normal?

For us these were ridiculous.we could not even fit them in our mouth.They appear like frightening doll teeth.Threw them away.

Question Question 2

Can One Consume Or Consume With The Perfect Smile Veneers?

Heat the water in microwave for 1 minuet form the bead gel to overlap the lower gum let harden. Now use 3 dabs of dental paste and not only do they look excellent we can even consume with them.

Question Question 3

Do They Fit Over Bottom Teeth If You Have Some Bottom Teeth?

Hi Yvonne yes they fit over the teeth well however in order to keep them in location you will require to use some denture cream they look great in however do not consume with

Question Question 4

Are Those Teeth The One That Goes Atdown Front Of Your Teeth Or Not?

Do not like none they r to hard a do not fit

Question Question 5

One Evaluation States There Is A Tough Ledge On The Back Making These Reduces Difficult To Wear.Are These Reduces Wearable Or Not?

The lower one is difficult to use, a piece of scrap.The worst however we ever made.

Question Question 6

Cusion Grip For Teeth?

no and they are not what you most likely anticipated. they truly are ugly

Question Question 7

Do They Feature Fitting Beads?

Yes however they wear t work

Question Question 8

Can These Be Utilized If You Have No Bottom Teeth As Long As You Use Adhesive Strips? We Had Bottom Dentures That Got Lost Throughout A Move & No $ To Change?

These are not a denture and ought to not be utilized as such. They are only for look.

Question Question 9

We Have 7 Lower Front Teeth Left Consisting Of Left EyeTooth Will We Have The Ability To Fit Your Product Over Those Remaiining Teeth?

Don t waste your time or cash

Question Question 10

Do They Come Looking Simply Lime The Ones Displayed In This Photo???

No, no, no. They’re small little child fake teeth. Avoid

Question Question 11

Que Tiempo Maximo Se Puede Tener Puesto?

De verdad no se no supe ponerlos

Question Question 12

How Do You Fit Them Do You Use Glue?

No glue. These were terrible. They will not sit tight and hardly fit. we would totally recommend versus purchasing these.

Question Question 13

Do These Stain Quickly For Instance With Coffee Or When Cigarette smoking?

we have been using Upper perfect smile for severa; years and do not stain with coffee, we do not smoke any more so we can not inform. we did not know Perfect Smile has a lower for lower teeth, can you send us some information. alex

Question Question 14

Can We Consume With These?

we might not.

Question Question 15

It Might Look Like Stupid Question, However The Top Teeth, Are They Genuine White Teeth As Revealed?? Our Child Broke Her Top Plate, Will This Work?

You are inquiring about upper teeth, however this listing is for lower venners. we do not think that this product would work for you if you are requiring upper veneers.

Question Question 16

Do You Use The Beads With The Lower Teeth?

we have never ever utilized the beads. we utilized a liquid binder. Hope this helps. They tend to break if you consume with it in.

Question Question 17

Exists A Return Policy?? These Teeth We Purchased Are More Yellow Than Our Ow.We Are Happy With Top Teeth However Not The Bottom?


Question Question 18

What Shops In New York City Instant Smile Perfect Bottom Novelty Veneer Teethbilly Bob Teeth?

we are not comprehending your question.

Question Question 19

Can You Consume And Oversleep These Veneers?

they are not veneers, we have the bottoms, and they only rest on the top of the teeth. so sleeping and consuming would be uneasy.

Question Question 20

How Do You Keep Them In Your Mouth?

we dont. Not able to use it, resembled a Halloween toy, can’t use it looks too fake

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and using the product, or based upon some research work) on Billy-Bob Instant Smile Teeth Lower Veneer, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

We do not know what everybody is grumbling about. We purchased these and had no difficulty fitting them. We only had one tooth to connect to. We formed them around our gums. No issue wearing them and they remain in rather well with denture adhesive and we can likewise consume soft foods with them. With the new comfort fit upper teeth and these we have a great set of excellent looking teeth. Be patient and work with them you will get it right.

You might require some ability to make these work or a minimum of mastery. We are missing half our bottom teeth on the left side and genuinely didn’t have high expectations. We utilized 3 bead packs since we required to develop the side with no teeth. We followed the guidelines and after reheating it 3 times, now have a perfect fit. Looks real, after a couple hours to get utilized to it we can talk typically, and can even consume with it in. We use a little fixodent and it remains in completely? *** we have been using these a month now and they work terrific. We leave them in all day, consume with them and have no problem talking or consuming. We do wish to state those who provided unfavorable evaluations didn’t put in the time to use them properly or didn’t have the abilities to make them fit. Its difficult.

Versus every evaluation on we purchasedthese Yes they are small however bottom teeth are expected to be. They look small when you get them. As soon as positioned in the mouth it’s a perfect fit.

When you get the bundle they look exceptionally small, however if you put them in they fit. Had all our teeth pulled recently so we utilized them to make a temporary denture set as we should wait 3 weeks to get fitted for dentures at our dentist. Had an engagement we could not miss out on so we purchased a bigger pack of the plastic beads and madethese Unrefined however operates in a pinch.


Nice. However we did not know the teeth needed to be missing to use this. General b+.

Fine for what we required. Do not use for halloween or anticipate a fitted denture its simply a cosmetic photo fix. Only has a small lip to review your teeth and will make your mouth too complete. We sufficed to fit a missing tooth for a quick fix till dental consultation and utilized plastic melted beads to keep in location. Worked for that.

It was a little smaller sized than we anticipated however it got the job done.

Excellent for temporary use only.

Definitely. Love it thanks a lot for this product.

Great for something you require fast in between repair work.

Excellent without description.


As explained. Fast shipping.

Excellent product. Fits a little large in mouth. However it did do precisely what it stated it would.

Product showed up on time and is as seller explained. Thank you. We more than happy customer.

Hot mess. We purchased for a temporary for our mama. Truly, what a joke.

Bought for our mama, she likes th3m.


Might be better.

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