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Beaming White Teeth Whitening Gel

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  • 10 ml syringe
  • carbamide peroxide
  • made in USA

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Size: 44%Beaming White Carbamide Peroxide gels are specially developed to offer you maximum whitening power with no gum inflammation. This gel syringes can be utilized by themselves or with a kit to increase its efficiency. The Carbamide Peroxide gel syringes are offered in either 36% or 44% strength.Made in USA

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Remarkably amazing.

Always happy with this product. When used effectively it leaves our teeth pure white and shining. Attempt not to let it touch any of the gum location as it is very strong and will burn it.

We do not believe it makes our teeth sparkling white like they were airbrushed, however they are white and stay that method. We use it every early morning in the shower and have it in for about 20 minutes tops. We believe it keep them as white as possible and keeps new stains away. We have actually been using the 36% however simply bought the 44% so we will see how that works. Appears like it should be better, right?.– so we are upgrading our evaluation. We love the 36% stuff, however not the 44% stuff. Oops. This bleached our gums. We put a little in the mouth tray and next thing we understand, our gums above our front 2 teeth start burning. We take out the mouth tray and our gums are white. Yikes. Bad at all. They went back to normal after a shower. We will definitely stick with the 36% stuff, however never ever buy the 44% stuff once again. Not worth it. Excessive pain, and we fidget that one of these times our gums will not go back to their normal pinkish shade. If you have an interest in this stuff, stick with the 36%.

The product itself works terrific. As we have actually utilized it before and would buy it once again, albeit by a different supplier. The issue with this specific order is that the image of the product reveals a syringe filled with no black rubber stopper at the end of it. Nevertheless when it arrived it hadone This is a problem since the carbamide gel is so powerful it ultimately begins to liquify that rubber stopper and some of it blends with the gel that remains in completion of television. For that reason you need to through it out before the product is gone. We are sharing this one with somebody else so ideally we can use all of it before that occurs this time. Pictures of your product must represent what you are purchasing. It’s annoying when you find that you are only able to use a part of the product.

It does not deal with us along with it would on other folks. We have yellow/grey teeth. It did enhance them enough that we are no longer thinking about veneers.

Functions as anticipated, love it.

Gotten product today and utilized it when. We currently see a big distinction. Certainly works.

Excellent. Functions super quick so see your gums and do not leave this on for the normal time.

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