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BeaGirl Activated Charcoal Powder for Gum Health and Fresh Breath

BeaGirl Activated Charcoal Powder for Gum Health and Fresh Breath

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of BeaGirl Activated Charcoal Powder for Gum Health and Fresh Breath.

  • 100% Natural Ingredients – Made from natural ingredients like activated coconut charcoal, bentonite clay and cinnamon powder, our food-grade natural activated charcoal powder whitens your teeth and enhances your dental health with zero pain or sensitivity.
  • Outstanding For Tooth & Oral Health – Have been being troubled by stained or yellowed teeth? No more with our product, this activated charcoal powder works to remove cigarette smoking, coffee, tea stains and any strange smells, leaving your mouth clean and fresh.
  • Great Value for Cash – Our fine activated charcoal teeth whitening powder not only comes with a toothbrush however likewise a tongue cleaner that helps effectively remove gunk & food particles from your tongue. Do not miss this economical offer.
  • Easy to Use – Simply damp your toothbrush and dip it in the activated charcoal powder simply enough to get completions of the bristles layered and then brush your teeth as you would with toothpaste. Then use the tongue scraper to clean your tongue for deep healthy oral care.
  • Threat-Free Purchase – With our teeth whitening powder, you will not only get healthier teeth however likewise a bewitching spearmint flavour. For any factor you are not happy with our product, we will make it best and process a refund for you.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on BeaGirl Activated Charcoal Powder for Gum Health and Fresh Breath.
BeaGirl Activated Charcoal Powder with Toothbrush and Tongue Cleaner Is an excellent set for healthy oral care. It works in removing coffee, tea, wine & tobacco stains. Providing you gum health and fresh breath. What makes BeaGirl teeth whitening powder unique? 100% natural, no chemicals and synthetic ingredients, likewise without peroxide and alcohol, and safe to the enamel. Natural Ingredients with the greatest quality activated carbon, activated carbon teeth whitening powder. Get the greatest effectiveness in the removal of pollutants, consisting of cigarette smoking, coffee, tea stains and any strange smells. Terrific value for cash with a whole set of healthy oral care products (Bamboo toothbrush + charcoal teeth whitening powder + tongue scraper) Using Instructions: 1. Minor damp the bamboo toothbrush 2. Dip the toothbrush into charcoal teeth whitener powder 3. Carefully brush your teeth for 1 ~ 2 minutes 4. Rinse your mouth completely with water 5. Use the tongue scraper to clean your tongue for deep healthy oral care if required Tips: If there still have actually activated charcoal powder residue. Brush teeth once again with regular toothpaste. Plan Includes: Activated Charcoal Powder * 1 Tongue Scraper * 1 Bamboo Toothbrush * 1

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on BeaGirl Activated Charcoal Powder for Gum Health and Fresh Breath.

Question Question 1

We Are Cigarette Smoker And Our Teeth Have Got A Little Bit Yellow So We Required An Honest Response. Does It In Fact Work?

This teeth whitening powder is exceptional. we are likewise a cigarette smoker, so our teeth look awful, however it assisted us a lot, and in about 2 weeks, there was an excellent modifications.

Question Question 2

Can It Be Utilized To Clean All Teeth Stains?

we believe it works for most stains, such as coffee, tea, wine and tobacco stains. Is an excellent set for healthy oral care.

Question Question 3

Do We Required To Use Toothpaste While Using The Powder Too?

Yes. This is not made with the objective of replacing toothpaste. It does not consist of residential or commercial properties that would safeguard or clean the enamel. Furthermore, the powder simply leaves this grainy taste in your mouth that would be best if cleaned out.

Question Question 4

Is This Product Vegan/ Ruthlessness Free?

Yes. Our natural activated charcoal teeth whitening powder is vegan nad ruthlessness free.

Question Question 5

Can We Use This Powder With Our Eletric Toothbrush Or Do We Required To Use The Bamboo Toothbrush?

we recommend you use the bamboo toothbrush, trigger the charcoal powder might tint your own toothbrush.

Question Question 6

As It Consists Of No Fluoride Should We Brush With Fluoride Toothpaste Before, Or After, Using It?

Yes, you might use your regular toothpaste along side this teeth whitener.

Question Question 7

Can We Use It To Diy Face Masks?

NOT, dear, it is activated charcoal especially processed for teeth whitening. Face masks use a different kind of activated charcoal.

Question Question 8

Any Ideas With Getting All Of The Charcoal Out OfTeeth It Appears” Simply Rinse” Doesn’T Cut It.?

you can use yor normal teethpaste to brush your teeth once again and it will take the black residues out.

Question Question 9

Can This Product Be Utilized By Kids?

we do not advise it, kids’s teeth will not have a lot of stains, we believe normal kids’s toothpaste can work well

Question Question 10

How Long Does It Take To Get Teeth White?

our teeth felt smooth and clean, from the very first use. we observed they looked whiter after about two weeks.

Question Question 11

Will This Teeth Whitening Powder Work On Veneers?

If your veneers are stained from coffee and so on, this will help fade the stains yes, however it won t lighten the original veneer color

Question Question 12

Is It Safe And Chemical Free? Will It Damage To The Teeth?

Precisely, everything is a chemical: water, salt, plastic, charcoal, everything. However we have actually been using activated charcoal powder for long period of time, we smoke a lot, so we have stains, this product has an amazing effect on them, which we extremely advise.

Question Question 13

How Long Will You See The Distinction With Using This Teeth Whitening Powder?

we discover a distinction after one week, we use it when a day in our very first week.It’s an excellent product.

Question Question 14

How Typically Can We Use This Product?

DO NOT brush your teeth with activated charcoal teeth whitening powder everyday. Best use is 3-4 times weekly.

Question Question 15

If We Stop Using It Will Our Teeth Return The Very Same Color Or No?

Considering that it is food and beverage and often cigarette smoking that tarnishes our teeth it stands to factor that if you stop using and consume as typical you will get the typical discoloring and stains.

Question Question 16

Can Teeth Be Whitened While Cleaning?

Obviously, activated charcoal can likewise whiten teeth while cleaning, and can get excellent effect, providing you gum health and fresh breath.

Question Question 17

What remains in The Plan?

Activated Charcoal Powder X 1, Tongue Scraper X 1, Bamboo Toothbrush X 1.

Question Question 18

How Do We Use This On Our Teeth?

You can describe the direction, you generally need to brush your teeth with it for a number of minutes (dip your brush in it and brush as normal),and rinse your mouth completely with water.

Question Question 19

Are Results Long-term Or Will You Need To Use The Product Forever To Preserve Whiter Teeth?

The results last for some time (we believe it is longer than crest white strips) nevertheless you do require to keep using it frequently simply as you would any teeth whitening product.

Question Question 20

Is This Safe For Your Enamel? We Have Check out That Dentists Don’T Recommend It.?

we would not be able to respond to the question about the enamel without talking with a dentist ourself. However this teeth whitening charcoal powder is so exceptionally fine that we believe it would take some pretty serious scrubbing to do any damage. And without sounding negative, we make certain dental professionals do not like all of it due to the fact that it cuts in to we would not be able to respond to the question about the enamel without talking with a dentist ourself. However this teeth whitening charcoal powder is so exceptionally fine that we believe it would take some pretty serious scrubbing to do any damage. And without sounding negative, we make certain dental professionals do not like all of it due to the fact that it cuts in to their very costly teeth whitening and bleaching services.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and using the product, or based upon some research work) on BeaGirl Activated Charcoal Powder for Gum Health and Fresh Breath, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We were super doubtful when we purchased this due to the fact that we figured it was most likely a little bit of a fraud. We indicate, all of individuals in their videos have perfect teeth, both in area and color, so naturally they’re going to have white teeth. Nevertheless, we provided it a shot due to the fact that of the sale and now we will be purchasing it each time it runsout It is a great product that actually does an excellent task. We saw an instant distinction, which we did not anticipate. We believed it would take days or weeks. Seriously cool. We are going to bring it to our dentist and see what he states about it from a safety stand point, however we are totally hooked. There are nevertheless, two disadvantages. One, it does not appear to have any flavor at all. Like, none. Simply a little bit of a milky sensation. It’s not bitter. It’s not minty. It’s not sweet. It actually tastes like absolutely nothing. Very odd in the beginning, however we do not believe it’s genuinely a bad thing. The mess it makes, nevertheless, is a significant downside in our viewpoint. We believe we might have simply had a bit excessive of it on the bristles, however it got all over in the beginning. Up until you have actually mastered it, we would absolutely make sure to brush before your shower, not after. As for brushing during the night. Possibly take 2 showers???.

Cool charcoal appearance, appears wild when brushing with it. More of a light powder with no grit, goes along methods. Cleans your teeth so excellent they feel great and clean. Cool coconut flavor.

Does excellent.

Our buddy utilized this and his teeth looked excellent. We were so thrilled when it came. And the rate was actually excellent to.

Attempted different products and were not helpful and lastly this is revealing effect on our teeth. The tar is totally fading away.

We have actually been using activated charcoal capsules and coconut oil independently to whiten and refresh our mouth and teeth for years and it makes a big distinction a lot that our dental hygienist and dentist can inform. When we saw this we were thrilled as it is an all inone We believed it may be less unpleasant however it is not – it does have a good flavor and is much easier to use however as it is one action. It comes with a wood brush and you can take the little spatula the jar comes with and put some of the powder in a small bowl, then damp your toothbrush and dip it in and brush. We like that they offer you a brush due to the fact that the powder stains and it is unpleasant so be prepared however likewise be prepared to be wowed. After one use you will right away discover whiter teeth and with continued use they get whiter. We likewise follow up with pulling coconut oil once a week as an extra and that actually helps too – so bottom line yes it works and has a good flavor – however we are unsure if it is any less unpleasant than taking a activated charcoal pill and using that other than that you do not get it all over your hands. We would get this once again we think for that factor- we do not require to burst the capsules and the powder is prepared to go. Excellent product. It likewise comes with a tongue scraper which is a good included reward.

Do not overdo it with this charcoal powder toothpaste, you only require a bit on your brush. Be ready for this to stain your brush. We love that this powder had no discernable taste to it, so you can consume your orange juice or coffee right before brushing. It’s likewise great due to the fact that some tooth pastes have too strong of a flavor and we do not brush as long. This powder is very fine, and your teeth seem like they have actually simply been polished, like when you go to the dentist. Very smooth and clean sensation. The charcoal does tend to splash, so we do not use this if we are wearing clothes where that may appear. It likewise does make your sink appearance dirty when you spit it if you do not wipe up right after. You likewise will have a black tongue for a bit. We do love this charcoal paste and how it makes our teeth feel. We have not utilized it enough time to discover a brighter smile.

This is an excellent website for those who wish to compose in their smile a bit. Due to the fact that it s a powder it is a little unpleasant so you wish to be very cautious that you re over the sink when using it. It offers a dry sensation in your mouth when you initially brush with the charcoal. We did follow up brushing our teeth with our regular toothpaste to attempt to remove some of the black that headset into our gum location. After a number of brushes it s still there a little. We figure the coconut in the charcoal is dealing with our gum location for better gum health. In general this is a good set to need to care for your teeth and gum help. Recommended.

Terrific product. Our relative has actually been using it for a few days and her teeth are sparkling white. The main active ingredient is activated charcoal which is odor-free, unsavory, and nontoxic. Even if you unintentionally swallow a small quantity, it s safe. It s an excellent replacement for hazardous products that whiten the teeth however toxin the body. It comes with a soft bamboo toothbrush and a tongue scraper for deep oral care. One feature of this powder is that it s black in color and gets stuck in-between the teeth. If that occurs, you may need to brush your teeth once again to get the powder totally off.

We did not anticipate this to work. However after two weeks of using it, it does work. We see a hugh distinction and ideally it will get back atbetter We are cigarette smoker so our teeth are absolutely not as white as they need to be. We can see a guaranteed enhancement in simply two weeks so we will continue to use. It makes a mess though. However it is affordable and offers us much better results than any other whitener we have actually attempted. Thank you.

We did discover our teeth appeared whiter however guy this charcoal is unpleasant. When you believe you re bewaring by keeping your mouth close while brushing in some way splatter gets someplace. Then you spit it out and it ruins the skin and walls and mirror. Be prepared to clean. Love the reality that it whitens our teeth and doesn t taste bad.

This kid is exceptional for enhancing general oral health. This absolutely whitens your teeth and refresh s your breath. We had no sensitivity or any other problems. It comes with a truly great toothbrush and a tongue scraper. This would make an excellent gift.

Has actually been doing excellent. We can see a distinction.

Excellent quality product.

This genuinely works. Noticable lead to simply a day or 2. Love that it does not taste bad either.

This charcoal powder is genuinely a fine powder, so when you open it up, make sure you have it on a company surface area so that absolutely nothing spillsout We didn’t check out instructions and dipped our electric toothbrush in the powder and began brushing, and small beads of charcoal water went flying all over. We had a fair bit to tidy up, however our teeth were whiter. We attempted it once again and checked out the instructions initially. We dipped the top of the supplied toothbrush in the whitener and didn’t have almost the mess that we had with the electric toothbrush, and our teeth were even whiter. We continue to use this charcoal whitener due to the fact that it is so effective in whitening our teeth (and they are coffee stained), however we are very cautious to keep our mouth closed as much as possible when brushing, not use something that we would be stressed that may get a charcoal bead on it, and then make certain to reject the minor charcoal residue later on. In spite of the preventative measures we require to take with this product, it s very easy to use and will last a long, very long time, so it s very economical and absolutely whitens our teeth, so it s worth it.

We are a devoted coffee drinker. For the last 20 years, we are excellent for a minimum of 3-4 cups a day. Though we love coffee, it does stain our teeth a bit and no matter how typically a brush, the stains continue. We have actually attempted trays and strips various times, with differing degrees of success. Most are at least rather effective, however normally are either overpriced, troublesome, orboth While this powder takes a little bit of effort to not make a mess, we are relatively amazed with the results, after a week. Our teeth aren’t pearly white yet, however we have actually definitely seen the coffee stains are almost gone. Based off how little it requires to use this powder each time, this will last a long time. Likewise, we have not seen any type of sensitivity. So, in general, we find this to be an affordable solution for light surface area stains. Recommended4 starscheers.

We simply began using this teeth whitening powder today. It is very easy to use. The instructions are on the back of the jar. A bamboo toothbrush and a tongue scraper are included. We moistened the brush and that permitted it to get some of the powder without making a mess. We are not able to determine any taste however we are fine with that. We washed a few times and them followed up with our electric toothbrush to get any of the activated charcoal that was staying in between our teeth. As others have actually stated, our teeth seem like they do after they are polished at the dentist. We observed a faint modification in the color. Our teeth are bit whiter. We are going to use this frequently for a bit. If we results from the whitening element, we will go back to upgrade our ranking.

So we would seen a great deal of individuals like influencers and stars attempt numerous charcoal powder teeth whitening products however didn’t believe that we would ever attempt it. Previously. So we chose to offer it a shot mainly due to the fact that we liked that it came with a cool natural toothbrush, a tongue scraper and a big container of the charcoal powder. Our very first booking was using charcoal (like what you use in a grill) in your mouth however we assured ourself that it resembles the filter pitchers with coconut husks became charcoal. Then it’s likewise a bit odd to put something black inside your mouth to whiten it however there is absolutely some effect. Our teeth have actually been stained from coffee and soda/other sweet scrap most likely so a little bit of whitening help minus the bleach is appreciated.:-RRB-.

You get a tub of charcoal, a toothbrush and a tongue cleaner. The toothbrush is very soft, and the tongue cleaner is most likely the very best we ever utilized. We have actually blended sensations about the main product – the charcoal. This was our very first experience using charcoal powder for teeth whitening, and we can’t state we took pleasure in the feel or the taste of it. We needed to follow up with our electric toothbrush and regular whitening toothpaste simply to eliminate the milky sensation in our mouth and little bits of charcoal in between the teeth and at the gum line. It did whiten a little (however it’s only noticeable on our two front teeth, which is odd. ). When we asked our buddy (who is a dental hygienist) about charcoal powder, she prompted us to be cautious as it can be too abrasive and damage the enamel.

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