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AuraGlow Teeth Whitening Accelerator Light

AuraGlow Teeth Whitening Accelerator Light

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of AuraGlow Teeth Whitening Accelerator Light.

  • Whitening light need to be utilized with teeth whitening gel or strips (both offered individually) and shined onto teeth to enhance and accelerate teeth whitening results
  • Teeth whitening accelerator light boosts the whitening gel process to break down stains on the tooth surface area and whiten quicker. Includes 5 powerful LED bulbs for brighter whitening, compared to low-grade rival lights with a single bulb.
  • Includes an integrated timer that turns off and beeps in 10 minute periods for your benefit. Easily keep an eye on time throughout whitening sessions without taking a look at a clock.
  • Includes batteries with as much as 48+ hours of constant use. Light is 100% safe for at-home whitening and triggers no unfavorable negative effects or tooth sensitivity.
  • For best results, use with the AuraGlow mouth tray and gel (offered individually)

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More Info:

Here are some more information on AuraGlow Teeth Whitening Accelerator Light.
AuraGlow 5x Blue LED Light Teeth Whitening Accelerator Light Experience the power of light-activated teeth whitening in the comfort of your own home and get a whiter smile like never ever before. Teeth whitening lights are shown to help whiten faster and have been utilized for years in dental practices throughout the nation. Lastly, you can use the very same LED light-activated technology without paying a fortune at the dentist. Light-Activated Teeth Whitening Technology This teeth whitening light speeds up your whitening results and raises deep stains by “activating” the whitening gel throughout your teeth whiteningtreatment It’s safe, effective and the very same treatment utilized by lots of dental professionals all over the world. How To Whiten With A Teeth Whitening Light: This teeth whitening easy work best when whitening gel or strips are used to the teeth initially, then shined on (both are offered different). The light can be tucked simply behind the lips so it rests conveniently and shines on the front of your teeth. The light can be utilized for brief whitening sessions of simply 10 minutes or as much as 45+ minutes, depending upon the directions supplied by the teeth whitening gel or strips you use. Enhance Your Smile In Less Time Release your whiter smile in simply minutes in the comfort of your own home. The AuraGlow teeth whitening light considerably enhances whitening results with our teeth whitening gel or comparable whitening representatives. Accelerate whitening results and raises stains Includes 5 powerful LED light bulbs Integrated in 10 minute timer/beeper helps you track your whitening sessions To be utilized with whitening gel or strips (offered individually, not included) Safe for enamel and no negative effects Batteries included (2) – 3v lithium CR2450

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on AuraGlow Teeth Whitening Accelerator Light.

Question Question 1

Will This Work With Crest White Strips?

Yes, the product works with whitestrips

Question Question 2

Does This Light Work With Opalescence Gel? We Have Been Using It For Years With Our Own Tray From The Dentist And Integrate This Accelerator Light.?

Yes, the easy work with any gel which contains peroxide (which yours does). The light will help accelerate the whitening process.

Question Question 3

Is This Waterproof? How Do You Effectively Clean It After Each Use?

Hi Jessica,The round part of the device itself must not be immersed or cleaned, nevertheless the front plastic piece can be washed and cleaned with a towel after each use.

Question Question 4

Can You Use The Light To Whiten Your Teeth Without The Gel Or Is The Gel A Must?

The gel is a must. The light helps speed up the whitening gel.

Question Question 5

Can You Apply Crest Whitening Strips Onto Your Teeth And After That Use This Light At The Exact Same Time?

That’s what we have done.

Question Question 6

Is This A Real Uv Light, Or Simply Another Ineffective Blue Led Placebo? If Uv, Does Anybody Know The Wavelength?

All lights * may * be placebos. Research studies reveal conflicting results. we can link them however IDK if will permit it, so simply google it and take the ncbwe nlm nih gov website. They have pictures of charts revealing some research studies found great results and some found none. we are not truly clear on it. However it was pointed out there that the All lights * may * be placebos. Research studies reveal conflicting results. we can link them however IDK if will permit it, so simply google it and take the ncbwe nlm nih gov website. They have pictures of charts revealing some research studies found great results and some found none. we are not truly clear on it. However it was pointed out there that the heat, not the light, is what would speed up the response. That makes sense.The only use we can see for this is to conserve time or cash by keeping the trays on for a much shorter duration or getting more out of the gel. Which might or might not occur. Excellent objectives though. Likewise if somebody discovers out for sure that this will help more than a warmed wet fabric over your mouth then we hope the product is still readily available.

Question Question 7

We Have Zoom Whitening Trays With 22% Carbamide PeroxideGel Should We Use Our Trays With The Gel And Use The Light All At The Exact Same Time?

Yes, you may do that

Question Question 8

Does This Product In Fact Clean Your Mouth, Eliminate Bacteria?

It’s not meant to clean your mouth and eliminate bacteria. It is meant to speed up the effect of tooth whiteners on your teeth

Question Question 9

Does It Work On Tetracycline Gray Teeth?

It great

Question Question 10

How Long Do You Use The Light? There Are No Instructions. Is 15 Minutes Each Application?

The instructions specify that the light ought to be utilized for the length of time the whitening gel you use suggests. The light must be utilized with teeth whitening gel – and most gel is used for 15, 20, 30, 45 minutes depending upon the brand and directions for that product.

Question Question 11

What Size Are The Batteries?


Question Question 12

How Is This Actually Better Than Less Expensive Ones, Is The 5X Marketing Buzz?

It truly works.

Question Question 13

Because Led Light Will Not Whiten, Clean Or Do Anything Else To Your Teeth, Is This Uv Light Since It States Led?

Mine worked fine

Question Question 14

What Is The Process Of Using It With A Whitening Gel? Using It While The Whitening Gel Is Still On The Teeth And Placing The Auraglow???

Yes, get either the whitening strips that auraglow makes, or use crest whitening strips. Put the strips on and then hold the auraglow up until the timer goes off. our crest strips advise to leave on for 30 minutes, so we use the auraglow for 10 minutes, then keep our strips on for another 20 minutes

Question Question 15

How Much Does This Speed Up The Whitening Process? By Half? Or?

Conserve your cash mind stopped working after a number of weeks

Question Question 16

How Frequently Do You Use The Light?

1-2 times a week is best

Question Question 17

We Utilized The Products However Didn T Work Can We Get A Refund?


Question Question 18

Does This Make Your Teeth Super White?

we wear t know what you call super white however it does make them whiter than they are

Question Question 19

Our Light Doesn’T Work & There Wasn’T Any Plastic In In Between The Batteries?

Hi LeahThere is a clear plastic tab/disk below the batteries. Take out both batteries, and put your finger at the bottom of the battery pack and you will feel the plastic disk, simply remove that then put the batteries back in face down. If it is not there, please call us so we can help you even more

Question Question 20

We Hadn’T Utilized Mine In A While, Turned It On, It Flashed The Blue Light When And Now Is Simply Buzzing Without Any Blue Light Or Capability To Turn Off?

Did you attempt altering the batteries ??

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and using the product, or based upon some research work) on AuraGlow Teeth Whitening Accelerator Light, these may be helpful for better understanding.

We were type of hesitant purchasing this product, in spite of the excellent evaluations. We type of always felt that this kind of product was a trick. Nevertheless, our results definitely speak for themselves. Up until now we have utilized 9 crest white strips with our aura glow and our teeth are million shades whiter. We are so so happy with this. Certainly worth it.

4 stars due to the fact that it has an integrated in timer (it’s in fact longer than 10 minutes, however we do not mind going longer and we more than happy it’s longer rather than much shorter), and produces a safe, bright led light. We got rid of a star due to the fact that the design is a bit problematic. Personally, we got about 2 weeks use out of our light, then went to use it once again a few months later on and it was dead. New batteries did not bring it back to life. Our company believe it’s possible water might have in some way entered the battery compartment although we cleaned it very thoroughly. For a product that goes inside your mouth and requires to be cleaned up after each use, the battery compartment must have been designed with a greater water resistance. Typically we would rank the product lower however we reached out to the business and they sent us a new light immediately with no inconvenience, although lots of months had passed from our preliminary purchase, which we truly value. Good product, excellent business. For maximum life, be very mindful when cleaning it. We would not rinse it under water to clean however rather wipe it down with a moist paper towel (moderate soap if required).

Wow so amazing, this is day one (we did a cvs whitening strip which we have utilized before and had 0 progress with now with this light integrated it was amazing).

We have been a cigarette smoker and heavy diet plan soda drinker for the last few years, and have attempted crest white strips a number of times with no results. We utilized this for the very first time with off brand white strips (the brand was lovely smile, which was likewise bought on ). We utilized the tray and strips together for about 35-40 minutes and our teeth had to do with a shade lighter after one use, which was an enjoyable surprise. Our teeth are not sensitive at all, however we did discover that they were a little sensitive a few hours later on, so we would suggest individuals with any sort of sensitivity refrain from doing more than 20 minutes in the beginning to see how they are effected. Likewise, we envision if you wear t smoke or consume a great deal of soda/coffee it would most likely take more than when to see a distinction. All together, we are happy with this product.

We never ever ever compose evaluations. Incredible modification after 1 use,,, am cigarette smoker,,, simply buy it.

We have utilized crest whitestrips in the past and always saw results however this paired with the auraglow whitestrips has produced the fastest, most noticeable results. We are puzzled by the evaluation that states this led light does absolutely nothing due to the fact that we have attempted the strips with and without the light and with the light is much whiter. The product works as it states it should.

Didn’t seem like we had a big machine in our mouth and the product does not trouble the gum line while we are using it. We have only utilized it a handful of times however can see a distinction currently so we are thrilled to continue using. The support group following our purchase was excellent and made sure we were pleased with our product and used any help if we had problems.

Functions remarkably well. Pic has to do with 1 week distinction. Very happy with purchase. Easy to use with white strips.

A shouldbuy Our teeth were 2-3x more white within two usages (both 10 minute sessions) and the whitening gel wasn t a gooey liquid like other products we have utilized. It likewise doesn t taste severe. Wipe clean with a child wipe or damp paper towel later on and it s prepared for its next use. This is a should have for anybody who desires bright white teeth fast.

We are surprised in the modification in simply a couple days we have even recommended to some of our good friends. Here’s an image of our 3 day distinction too is day 1 middle day 2 bottom day 3.

We love it. We use it with drug store brand strips that are expected to remain on for 30 minutes. So we use this when a week with the strips. We likewise use a charcoal/coconut oil toothpaste daily. Our teeth are succeeding. We sanctuary t experienced any sensitivity problems or anything. We have been using it for about a month and a half and it s great for us.

This suits our mouth very conveniently and makes any whitening gel or strips we use sooooo much more effective. The rate is amazing for the kind of results you get.

It truly works and you see your teeth whiten in very first effort. Rather of doing the half hour as recommended with the white strips, 10 minutes works simply fine. If you leave it longer you will feel sensitivity in your teeth when consuming liquids. Other than that, it serves its function.

This is remarkable. We utilized to use crest white strips every 3-6 months however we utilized one strip with this product and our teeth were as white as using the whole thing. Got our sibling using it when and she was surprised. Cash well invested.

We have been using this with crest white strips for a couple weeks now and we are currently seeing a distinction. White strips alone have not worked for us in the past. We have very sensitive teeth and this product has not troubled be up until now. Very easy to use, comes with the battery you require and the timer on it makes it way much easier to keep in mind when to take the white strips off too.

Amazing results. We have had our teeth professionally bleached at our dentist two times over the last 9 years and we do our home bleaching when a week. We do have custom trays we had made from our dentist which work excellent, we love them however we seem like the closer to our gums the more difficult it is to bleach. We utilized our new light today and we are offered. We utilized it with our custom trays, phillips zoom whitening bleach and the light. Our teeth are bright white and it reached our gum line. No pain, no difficulty, we extremely suggest this product.

We got this today. We have custom trays, and whitening gel. Wished to see if this assisted. We utilized it when and our teeth are so white. Keep in mind we have dentist quality gel. Amazing results.

We generally wear t leave evaluations however for this we felt forced to. This product is great. While it lasts. In there lies the issue. We bought this in june and it has quit working. Followed directions and cleaned the mouth tip, however it appears that it wasn t sufficient. We attempted turning it on a few days ago and the light kept flickering. Open the plastic piece and there are 3 metal conductors for the battery that are rusted up. We attempted to clean it off and absolutely nothing. It s an embarassment, the tech behind the product appears legitimate however that s about it. Ideally they will improve this and make it last longer. Update: the business reached out to us and used a complimentary replacement. We truthfully didn’t anticipate this level of customer care. Definitely exceptional.

We have never ever composed an evaluation in our life, due to the fact that we never ever felt that highly about a product, that we wanted to put in the time to do it. This light and the gel altered that for us. We have been using it here and there over the past few weeks and wow. Our teeth are white, ya ll. We are coffee and wine drinker, however our teeth reveal no indications of staining. We have utilized other whitening products in the past and this one not only works the very best, however only takes 10 minutes and isn’t half as frustrating as trays and strips. We simply put the gel on, appear the light, and bam. Affordable and effective. Can t beat that.

We use this product in combination with crest whitening strips and we need to state it absolutely helps accelerate the whitening process and would extremely suggest that if you are using to whitening strips to get this auraglow light. Essentially, what the light does is speeds up the interaction of the hydrogen peroxide or the whitening representative within your teeth. We would suggest using the light for only 20 minutes as it does increase the sensitivity of your teeth.

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