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AquaHomeGroup Teeth Whitening Kit with LED Light

AquaHomeGroup Teeth Whitening Kit with LED Light

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of AquaHomeGroup Teeth Whitening Kit with LED Light.

  • SPECIAL SET for INSTANT WHITENING: Our tooth whitening kit includes our charcoal toothpaste that quickly removes noticeable stains, while the Carbamide Peroxide gel and LED light speed up teeth whitening.
  • ZERO SIDE EFFECTS: Our teeth whitening gel with 35% Carbamide Peroxide guarantees a POWERFUL lightening effect without hurting your enamel or dentin.
  • FOR ALL THE FAMILY: Our teeth whitening sensitive teeth bleaching kit appropriates for adults and kids (12+). This teeth bleaching kit is REUSABLE. Simply rinse the teeth whitening trays and order extra teeth whitening gel syringes.
  • CONSERVE TIME and CASH: Don t count on pricey treatments from your dentist! Use our teeth whitening LED light while doing home tasks or unwinding! This powerful whiting teeth kit will remove coffee, cigarette, wine and other stains on your teeth.
  • QUALITY DEDICATION: AquaHomeGroup health products are backed by countless happy American clients. Order our whitening LED light kit for sensitive teeth NOW!

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More Info:

Here are some more information on AquaHomeGroup Teeth Whitening Kit with LED Light.
AquaHomeGroup health products are backed by countless happy American clients. Before marketing, our teeth whitening kit was evaluated and approved by professional dental experts and then by our family and buddies. And only after long-lasting favorable results did we make our NATURAL teeth whitening kit offered to the public. This powerful kit REMOVES all kinds of dental stains and WHITENS and BRIGHTENS your teeth in just days! SAFE TO USE: To secure your teeth and gums from injury, we use only premium-quality, medical-grade silicone, and whitening gel in ideal concentrations. Placing and holding the silicone tray in your mouth will not trigger you any pain WHENEVER, ANYWHERE: Thanks to its compact and light-weight design, you can whiten your teeth anytime, anywhere while operating at your computer system, enjoying a motion picture, doing home tasks, or simply unwinding ZERO SIDE EFFECTS: The 35% Carbamide Peroxide quickly permeates the enamel and dentin and actively interferes with stain bonds. As an outcome, you can quickly eliminate stains from coffee, cigarette smoking, wine, desserts and more without injuring your enamel Read more OUTSTANDING EFFECT: Our objective for you is a radiant, lasting, snow-white smile. That is why our kit is fully REUSABLE. All you require to do is renew the whiting gel FAST RESULTS: It only takes 10 to 30 minutes each day for 6 days to whiten your teeth. You can duplicate the treatment every 3 to 6 months AMAZING GIFT: Whitening is the most popular and WANTED cosmetic dental treatment on the planet! Program you care by offering your enjoyed ones our natural whitening kit! It is safe for both adults and kids (12+) Read more EASY DENTAL CARE: We ve made it easy for you to take pleasure in healthy, beautiful teeth. All our products are made of non-harmful, top quality products. This whitening kit is safe and effective, even for sensitive teeth BEST OPTION EVER: Our whitening kit includes EVERYTHING you ll requirement for a radiant smile: charcoal toothpaste, natural bamboo toothbrushes for daily brushing, an LED light device and three gel syringes for a complete whitening treatment SUPER CONSERVING: Rather of entering for super pricey dental treatments, whiten your teeth in the comfort of your own home, pocket the modification, and benefit yourself Check out more

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on AquaHomeGroup Teeth Whitening Kit with LED Light.

Question Question 1

Can We Use This Right After We Get Our Braces Off?


Question Question 2

Is It Ideal For Sensitive Teeth?

this appropriates for sensitive teeth, however if you feel unpleasant or your teeth start to harm, stop whitening

Question Question 3

Can You Use This With Braces?

we wouldn t suggest it due to the fact that when you get your braces off you ll have odd looking stains from the whitener

Question Question 4

Should We Stop Drinking Coffee/Tea/Red Wine For A Few Days After Treatment?

yes, we extremely suggest you to stop consuming coffee/tea for a few days after you doing teeth whitening treatment

Question Question 5

Why In A Set Of 3 Toothbrushes?

you can brush your teeth with the entire family. Activated carbon paste removes stains from teeth well.

Question Question 6

Does The Gel Required To Touch Our Teeth?


Question Question 7

How Frequently Should You Use This Treatment?

Typically, the majority of people only require to use a kit every 3-6 months

Question Question 8

Is This A Long-term Whitening Treatment Or Simply Last A Couple Of Months?

The whitening results from this product will last from3+ months, however all of it depends upon your diet plan and how you look after your teeth

Question Question 9

Should You Put The Gel On Your Teeth Or The Mouthpiece?

the gel should be placed on the mouthpiece

Question Question 10

Can This Kit Be Utilized By Kids?

we suggest using whitening only after 12 years

Question Question 11

Can This Kit Be Recycled?

Naturally. you simply require to buy another syringe with 10 ml gel by aquahomegroup

Question Question 12

What’S The Mouth Guard For?

The mouth tray connects to the light as one piece and the tray is filled with gel then placed into your mouth. The tray helps keep the gel in location and whiten the teeth

Question Question 13

How Numerous Utilizes Do You Get Out Of One Syringe?

one 3 ml syringe is designed for 2 times (days)

Question Question 14

How Strong Is The Carbamide Peroxide, Like What Percent?


Question Question 15

Do We Need To Brush Our Teeth With Activated Charcoalpaste Before Using The Whitening Gel?

we extremely suggest doing this. Therefore, a higher whitening effect is attained.

Question Question 16

What Size Lithium Batteries?

CR2032 3.0 V 220 mAh

Question Question 17

Does It Have A Wall Plug?

No, it’s battery run. Battery is included

Question Question 18

What Is A Mouth Tray Made From?

medical silicone

Question Question 19

How Numerous Days Do You Required To Bleach To Get The Outcome?

Required to bleach for 6 days.Sometimes you might require to duplicate the bleaching course, simply buy another syringe with gel

Question Question 20

Our Teeth Are Very Yellow From Smoking cigarettes. Will This Help?

our kit ought to help remove stains from your enamel if you use as directed

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and using the product, or based upon some research work) on AquaHomeGroup Teeth Whitening Kit with LED Light, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

This kit is so easy to use and gets results quickly. The light makes it cool and is sort of fun. It does not take long to use it, so we simply brush our teeth and when a week do the whitening thing right after and use the trays and light while enjoying a program before bed. This is a good deal and we truly like having something so convenient and easy.

Very easy to use and very delighted with the results. We have actually utilized whitening before and it inflamed our gums however we didn’t have any issue with this gel at all. Love the toothpaste and the light that speeds up the whitening process. Very delighted with this product.

We have actually always had a hard time with less than white teeth. We had our doubts that the auraglow process would work on our teeth. After the very first treatment we were motivated that possibly, simply possibly, we would found something that operated at an affordable expense. We have actually been using the system for a week now and our teeth truthfully are whiter and brighter.

Initially look it appeared a little complex, however in reality everything is primary. We take the lamp, spread out the gel on the silicone tray and place it into the mouth for 10 minutes. This blue light behind cheeks looks uproarious. In basic, the whole set is a thing that is great to keep in your hands. From the minute you get it to the end of the course. Effectively stylishly embellished, made with high quality.

We wound up browsing of an excellent teeth whitening kit with this product. No sensitivity at all. This kit includes everything you require to whiten your teeth at a very low-cost rate. Precisely as marketed. Basic to use, results wonderful. Met our expectations. No grievances. In general, 5 star.

Only midway through the treatment and we currently see results. Easy to use.

Fast shipping, complete kit with everything you require for teeth whitening in your home. We consume a great deal of coffee so we purchased this to eliminate a dull yellow on our teeth. Now we can use red lipstick.

Great quality and fantastic concept to whiten both upper and lower teeth at the very same time.

Amazing Functions as should. So pleased. It came as it should. Packaged well, had actually all the required products for it. And has actually gotten rid of years aof coffee stains.

Got our teeth whitening kit on time. It looks nice, top quality product packaging, everything in a box has its own location.

Our teeth are white. It was very easy and fast. The whitening process did not trigger any pain.

We like this set. Specifically due to the fact that it has a light accelerator that speeds up the bleaching process. Thank.

Very excellent.

Every detail is believed out for better use. Product packaging design looks major and pricey. A great buy.

Easy and clear, independent teeth whitening. Terrific quality, excellent rate. Terrific outcome.

Easy to use. Whitens well. It smells excellent.

Well, we have actually been using this for a few weeks and it s made our teeth whiter. We have actually utilized other whiteners before and they never ever appear to work extremely well. However we are so happy with this. It s easy to use and it doesn t taste dreadful like some of those whiteners do. It s got a very light enjoyable taste and you wear t seem like you re poisoning yourself. Simply follow the instructions thoroughly and your teeth will be broader before you know it. We are truly shocked if this works so well however it does and we can absolutely suggest this.

This kit works as excellent as our dental experts kit that costs 10 x what we paid here. It can be found in a very easy to store box that slips anywhere with ease. They ve included numerous bamboo toothbrushes to use with the charcoal toothpaste in the kit. The toothpaste is a little benefit, however we have actually utilized charcoal for whitening (even before it ended up being popular). It s not as unpleasant as the powder which is truly great. The kit directions are clear and have you start with clean teeth. After you put some of the whitening gel into the mouth piece. Putting it and the light system wasn t truly easy, once it s on, you wear t requirement to take it off. Pop it into your mouth and wait 30 minutes while the light treats your teeth. It doesn t taste bad either. One use took us two shades lighter. Two shades. We can t wait to see what 6 brings. You likewise get a gift with purchase, an extra tube of gel. Yes it is different however it got here very little later than the kit. We remain in love with this kit. Even with the small missteps, it s a 5 star win.

When this very first gotten here, we took one appearance and idea, “omg, what did we buy???”. Then we check out directions and began using the sytem. It is not almost as made complex as it at first looked. Charcoal is different then anything we have actually utilized before and was a bit daunting initially however after using it we are offered. Our teeth are by no methods white however we can absoultely see a distinction after using this system. They are brighter and look cleaner then we believed they might without a deep cleaning from the dentist.

Our teenager had actually been pleading us to get her teeth lightened, so we did some research and arrived on one of these kits to see if it would calm her. She screeched when she state it and began it immediately. After the treatment was done, she had actually lightened her teeth a shade and made her jaw aching from holding the light in. She states it deserved it. She enjoys, we more than happy, and that is the very best outcome we might have askedfor Thanks.

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