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Aotto Activated Charcoal Natural Teeth Whitener Teeth Whitening Charcoal Powder

Aotto Activated Charcoal Natural Teeth Whitener Teeth Whitening Charcoal Powder

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Aotto Activated Charcoal Natural Teeth Whitener Teeth Whitening Charcoal Powder.

  • WHITER AND BRIGHTER: Teeth whitening charcoal powder can effectively remove coffee, tea, wine and tobacco stains, enhances oral health and refreshes breath
  • NATURAL INGREDIENTS: All Coconut Activated Charcoal powder from the purest sources and does not have any severe chemicals, no fluoride or synthetic colors
  • SPECTACULAR RESULTS: Use when a day, apparent modifications can be found in 1 week use, please note results will differ relying on use through everybody’s oral hygiene state
  • EASY TO USE: Somewhat damp your toothbrush, dip into powder, brush teeth in small, gentle circles for 2 minutes and rinse your mouth completely; brush teeth with regular toothpaste to clean black recurring powder if required
  • If for some factor you are not happy with this product or the service you get, simply call us and we will make it best for you

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Aotto Activated Charcoal Natural Teeth Whitener Teeth Whitening Charcoal Powder.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Aotto Activated Charcoal Natural Teeth Whitener Teeth Whitening Charcoal Powder.

Question Question 1

How Long Can This Jar Last?

we have actually utilized this activated charcoal teeth whitening powder about two weeks, two times a day, and we sanctuary t gone through half a jar yet. we believe it can last for a long time.

Question Question 2

Does It Remove Coffee Stains?

Yes, we utilized to consume a great deal of coffee and our teeth ended up being very dark. They are almost all pursued using this 3 weeks.

Question Question 3

Does This Work On All Stains?

we purchased this for smoke stains. It s been some days the smoke stains on our teeth have actually been minimized. our uncle utilizes this teeth whitening charcoal powder on coffee stains and he states fantastic. Perhaps it deals with all stains, however we are not so sure.

Question Question 4

Does It Have A Flavor?

Yes, our teeth powder has a mint flavor.

Question Question 5

Do We Required An Unique Brush Teeth To Use This Product?

No, there is a toothbrush come with our activated charcoal powder, simply ensure you only use it for this product. Due to the fact that it stains the bristle.

Question Question 6

Do You Use This Before Or After Regular Brushing?

we use this teeth whitening powder before regular brushing. we attempted to use it after regular brushing and our teeth get a little black, we needed to rinse it once again. So now we use it before regular brushing.

Question Question 7

Is This Utilized Rather Of Regular Brushing?

No. You need to brush routinely AFTER using this product to help get all teeth clear from charcoal. It works to whiten your teeth. However we would only advise using a few times a week.

Question Question 8

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Question Question 9

Does The Powder Contain Sorbitol? We Can T Seem To Find The Component List.?

It does not point out sorbital on plan and does not have the taste.

Question Question 10

What Is The Distinction In Between The Charcoal Powder Vs The Charcoal Paste?

For us the paste wasn’t as effective as the powder. we seemed like the powder assisted clean the plaque develop and make your teeth whiter. Everytime we utilized the powder we seemed like we simply returned from a dentist office with spotless teeths. The only condor the powder is that it is super messy.we have not found For us the paste wasn’t as effective as the powder. we seemed like the powder assisted clean the plaque develop and make your teeth whiter. Everytime we utilized the powder we seemed like we simply returned from a dentist office with spotless teeths. The only condor the powder is that it is super messy.we have not found an excellent paste for the charcoal that we have actually liked. They’re in either case too thick and dry so it seems like clay in your mouth or it’s an oily drippy mess. Once again we have not experience that spotless feel.either.

Question Question 11

How Long Do You Leave The Powder On Your Teeth For?

1 minute a minimum of and the re wash with toothoaste

Question Question 12

How Long Should You Use This Activated Powder For? Should We Required To Use It All The Time?

For now, we take relies on use the powder and our normal toothpaste after we have actually seen the lead to 2 weeks. For better result, we use the powder two times in a week.

Question Question 13

What Is The Jar Made From?

It s a plastic one.

Question Question 14

Can You Consume Coffee After Using?

You can however we wouldn t advise it; after all, one of the factors you re using the product is to eliminate stains on your teeth.we recommend consuming your coffee before brushing with the Charcoal product.

Question Question 15

Can This Be Utilized On Kids?

our kid is simply three years old so we put on t believe he can use this black charcoal powder. However we believe it ll be fine if your kids have their adult teeth. However typically kids have no requirement to use this.

Question Question 16

Does This Powder Battle Tooth Decay?

Activated Charcoal powder can possibly be valuable in altering the pH and health of the mouth, and due to that it can be effective in avoiding cavities and eliminating bad germs present in dental caries. So, in a manner, it is valuable in the battle versus dental caries.

Question Question 17

Do You Let The Powder Rest On Your Teeth A While Before Rinsing?

No. Simply brush typically and rinse well.

Question Question 18

Can We Use This Charcoal Teeth Whitener Powder With Our Braces On?

Better verify with the dentist. Though it is a very fine powder and we are not exactly sure if it would stain the cement they use to connect braces.

Question Question 19

Can You Use This With Braces On?

NO. Do not use whitener while wearing glued on braces. You will wind up with yellow areas when they remove braces. You can t use any whitening product till they come off. Your Orthodontist need to have informed you that the very first day.

Question Question 20

Do You Use Them Daily?

For me, we use it at night daily while using our normal toothpaste in the early morning. we likewise feel excellent about it.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and using the product, or based upon some research work) on Aotto Activated Charcoal Natural Teeth Whitener Teeth Whitening Charcoal Powder, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

Very first time using it and we love it currently. It has a milky taste however absolutely nothing that you won t be able to handle. It was provided on time as marketed and came with the bamboo toothbrush. It s a need to attempt.

We had actually been looking all over for charcoal toothpaste, however might never ever fully devote due to high costs. We discovered this product, and chose to offer it a shot. To be honest, we were anticipating substandard results, however remained pleased. You will not see instant results- we have actually been using for 1 week, and am now beginning to see some clear results. A little product goes along method, while brushing. With it being charcoal based, we were little concerned that it might taste nasty, and gritty, however our mouth was left fresh and clean. Absolutely advise as a starter teeth whitener.

Initially we resembled all right all right we kinda see it not truly, two weeks pass and we began to see a distinction by now that it has actually been 3 weeks omg. Yes. You can see the distinction.

We like that it’s very practical. We comes with a tooth brush so you do not stain your normalone It does what it’s expected to do. It pulls out stains and live your teeth a little whiter. Pic of 1st use only.

It came packaged with the toothbrush and charcoal powder together. We discovered a distinction after simply a few utilizes. We like that our teeth felt clean after using the product. A great deal of time with others we need to rebrush with regular toothpaste after. It is a little unpleasant however that’s to be anticipated with a powder.

Simply amazing on how it can whiten your teeth.

After using this product for almost 2 weeks we are very happy. The toothbrush is truly excellent quality, and there suffices powder for a minimum of 3-4 months. We genuinely didn’t think that our teeth would have altered this much. However we were incorrect. It s amazing. We can inform a big distinction. We would have liked writen guidelines, however we figured itout Perhaps a flavor if possible. However it in a different way works better than any toothpaste, or strips. Our teeth seemed like we had actually simply left the dentist. We might not stop feeling them, and smiling.

We have actually utilized this only when up until now and it s currently bleached our teeth substantially. Only con is that we needed to rinse our sink out excellent however very little of a mess, to be honest. Functions as explained and very quick shipping.

This product is amazing. After browsing for a new teeth whitener after attempting other stopped working products, we chose to offer this product a shot. Delivering was a breeze and we got our product quickly. The bamboo toothbrush is a fantastic perk with this product. If you are ecologically mindful, this product is certainly a need to attempt. We instantly attempted the product and was rather pleased with a noticeable distinction in our teeth color. We even had our spouse attempt it and he was impressed as well. We are thrilled to continue using this product to take full advantage of the benefits of a whiter and brighter smile. We extremely advise this product to anybody looking for instant results.

The before and after photo seeks simply one week. We have actually attempted numerous whitening products in the past, and this one worked the very best and without triggering sensitivity. The taste isn’t amazing, however it is charcoal after all. In general, we extremely advise this product.

After the very first use our teeth felt cleaner and we might inform a distinction in the color of our teeth. We consume coffee daily and our teeth seemed stained. This product has actually certainly lightened our teeth in the 5 days we have actually utilized it.

We had actually been considering attempting a charcoal toothpaste for some time. We are so happy we provided this one a shot. After a number of days, we might discover that our teeth looked whiter. Our mama stated she might see the distinction. Our mouth likewise felt clean. We extremely advise attempting this toothpaste. It comes with a bamboo toothbrush so that you do not have buy an extra toothbrush.

We truly like how clean this makes our teeth feel. We have sensitive teeth and this doesn t trouble them at all. We have actually only utilized it a few times and can inform a distinction currently, they appear a little whiter. Likewise we kinda anticipated this product to have an odd taste however was happily stunned due to the fact that it didn’t taste bad or odd at.

We like that it works unlike other products that declare that works. It is a little unpleasant and powder does in some cases get all over the sink. We love the product and we would extremely advise it.

Only utilized three times up until now and we see fantastic results. No taste, and not too challenging to rinse. The powder can be a little unpleasant however what powder isn’t. We truly advise.

We put on t see much of a distinction yet, however it s only been utilized 3 times up until now. We had actually disappeared from charcoal whitening powder due to the fact that it would leave little small specks of black in our teeth. We changed to another brand that we liked, however wasn t seeing a great deal of distinction after a few years of that. Soooo, we are back to charcoal once again. This one is not too milky, a great little mint flavor, and doesn t leave you with black specks in your teeth. The toothbrush they offer you was great for the very first few times, however then it seemed like the smooth outside finishing was wearing away. The jar is likewise super unpleasant, so beware and hold it over a sink or garbage can when opening.

We sanctuary t been this thrilled about a product in a long period of time. When we stumble upon 1 that works & fulfills our expectations, we need to discuss it and share. We got our product 4 days ago & have actually been using it with our child for the previous 3 days 2x a day, & quickly her teeth went from tinted yellow to bright white. Our only remorse is that we didn’t do a before photo to reveal the distinction.?????? nevertheless, this charcoal powder has actually done marvels for both of our teeth. Our child takes pleasure in using this over her regular toothpaste, however we still have her do a follow up brushing with it. We have actually currently included 2 more to our cart. We would extremely advise. Thank you for having this on the marketplace. Def better than the last brand we utilized from a regional vitamin shop.

It didn’t whiten as much as youtubers and influencers appear to rave about, however there was a distinction. We hesitated to use charcoal due to the fact that of it s abrasive nature and the important things we would found out about it, however it s very very fine powder and it doesn t appear to be doing any damage (according to our dentist our teeth are still completely fine). We didn’t discover almost as much of a distinction as lots of people appear to declare this product makes. Our sweetheart stated our teeth are noticeably whiter, however there s still some staining to them (approved we live off of black tea so that might be a part of it). It s a little challenging to use. Perhaps we are simply not too smart and we are missing something however it s difficult to spray it on the toothbrush and it doesn t stick well unless the toothbrush is damp. We dislike to stick a damp toothbrush into the powder due to the fact that it appears unhygienic, however we dislike to go through several other steps and put it into something else and wash that almost daily on top of everything else. The taste is pretty great (it smells and tastes minty) and we love that it comes with a charcoal toothbrush. Our only genuine problem is the application and the truth that it s unpleasant. It s so, so unpleasant. The powder gets all over on our sink and counters no matter how mindful we are.

Before we attempted charcoal toothpaste, we utilized to use a whitening strips which does work a bit however we are not truly happy with the results so we chose to offer charcoal toothoaste and we more than happy that we did given that we got to find this product. Initially, it does come with the bamboo toothbrush as marketed and its an excellent quality toothbrush. Sure it did hurt for the very first few times that we utilized it however it occurs for every new toothbrush that we use so no big deal. Second, it does not stain like the other charcoal toothpaste that we have actually utilized before. One of the issues that we came across with these toothpaste before is when it stains our sink, its tough to get it out however for this one, we didn’t need to stress over the stains. Finally, is that the quality of this product is fantastic. The taste is good and not something that would trouble you. And naturally the real toothpaste itself does work. This is a fantastic find for us.

It s all right we wouldn t state life altering. And let us inform you what a mess it makes. If you re going to use it put on t use it the day of your even however the day before cause you re never ever going to get all the black out from all the books and crannies of your teeth. Likewise every where you look small black specks of charcoal will be all over. We extremely advise using this only when you you re ready to clean your sink as it blows up all over no matter just how much you attempt to include it. We wouldn t state we see much of a distinction in whitening, however it does a good task polishing.

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