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AONOKOY Teeth Whitening Kit Professional

AONOKOY Teeth Whitening Kit Professional

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of AONOKOY Teeth Whitening Kit Professional.

  • TEETH WHITENING HOME KIT ‘Includes everything you require throughout the tooth whitening sessions. Whitening mouthpiece tray, LED light accelerator, 10 pcs 3ml 35% Carbamide Peroxide Gel Syringes,10 pcs deep cleaning wipe and 2 pcs professional 3D teeth shade guide. the gel to fill crevices in between teeth along with whitening molars offering a consistent whitening effect on all teeth.Reusable numerous times.
  • SAY FAREWELL TO YOUR YELLOW TEETH ‘Professional LED light accelerator can accelerate the whitening process and excellent deal with those persistent stains from coffee, wine, smoking cigarettes and tea in simply as little as 15 minutes each day. After 3 treatments, the effect is apparent, offering you a confident smile.
  • SAFE AND NO SENSITIVE ‘Non- sensitivity Serum, no damaging chemicals included and never ever checked on animals. Aonokoy teeth whitening kit professional is safe to use on all kinds of teeth. Let you delight in a do at-home teeth whitening treatments at any time and anywhere.
  • SMART WHITENING SYSTEM ‘Our teeth whitening kit uses 3 adapters for iPhone, Android, and USB and can be instantly turned off after eachtreatment Throughout the treatment, you can still play with your phone and do anything you desire simply as typical whilst the device is still dealing with your teeth.
  • COMPLETE SATISFACTION WARRANTY ‘If you are pleased with the product, you can likewise share your sensations with other individuals. If you re not pleased with the product, simply call us, and we will happily provide you a brand new replacement. Please run this product properly to prevent burning your gums.

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More Info:

Here are some more information on AONOKOY Teeth Whitening Kit Professional.
Edible-grade Silicone Whitening Trays Friendly Environmental & Flexible Soft MaterialGum Safe Design & Universal FitNo require to boil before useHandy size and you might bring it with you anywhere Check out more Unique caution: Prevent drinking and consuming within 30 minutes after each teeth whitening. Do not go beyond the recommended time. If you have soreness, swelling or gum pain, stop using it. If an allergy takes place, stop using it. Do not use if you are suffering from bad oral health or have had current dental surgery. If you are a pregnant or breast feeding mom, please consult your physician before use. What’s within: 2 x professional 3D teeth shade guide 1 x Whitening mouthpiece tray 1 x LED light accelerator 10 x pcs teeth whitening gel 10 x pcs deep cleaning wipe 3 x adapters for iPhone, Android, and USB

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on AONOKOY Teeth Whitening Kit Professional.

Question Question 1

How Long Does It Last?

Which part? The lights on our tray began passing away before we were even midway through the gel, so we question that part will work in the long run. The recommended dose of gel per use is 1.5 ml. Each syringe is around 3 ml (often a little more or less), so each syringe is two treatments. The kit comes with 10 tubes. De Which part? The lights on our tray began passing away before we were even midway through the gel, so we question that part will work in the long run. The recommended dose of gel per use is 1.5 ml. Each syringe is around 3 ml (often a little more or less), so each syringe is two treatments. The kit comes with 10 tubes. Depending upon whether you do one treatment each day or 2 treatments each day, without missing any treatments, the gel ought to last 10 to 20 days.

Question Question 2

Do The Syringes Have Enough For Simply 2 Applications Or Does It Supply More Teeth Whitening Sessions?

In our experience, there suffices for 2 or 3 applications in each syringe.This supplies enough syringes for use

Question Question 3

It States Molding And Cutting The Tray Is The Most Crucial Action And If Not You Will Burn Your Gums However Wasnt Offered Any Guidelines How Do To So.????

Do not mold the tray. The tray has electronic devices in it. Molding a tray typically includes boiling it. Boiling electronic devices is bad.This is really one of our significant gripes with the product: it comes with a number of sets of inconsistent directions.

Question Question 4

Mine Won T Light Up Or Cut On?

Is it plugged in? If it’s plugged in and still not working, it’s most likely broken. Return it.

Question Question 5

After Using This, Do Your Teeth Get Sensitive At All?

we didn’t have any sensitivity after using it.

Question Question 6

Can You Use The Light To Whiten Your Teeth Without The Gel Or Is The Gel A Must?

The gel is a must. The light helps speed up the whitening gel.

Question Question 7

Is It Compatible With Phones?

Yes, it can be compared with our iPhone X, Likewise compatible with Android

Question Question 8

Does It Have 16 X Led Lights Or 5X?

it does not WORK.

Question Question 9

Does This Kit Have A Different Tray For Both Top And Bottom Teeth? Or Does The Single Tray Fit Top And Bottom At The Very Same Time?

Is a single tray, for top and bottom at the very same time

Question Question 10

Will It Work In Crevices? Strips Don’T? We Utilized Strips However Can Still See Yellow In Between Teeth Up By The Gums?

Yes, it ought to operate in crevices. Strips typically cover the surface area of the teeth however do not enter crevices since it is a plastic strip. for this product, it is a liquid gel that will enter the fractures and nooks of the teeth.

Question Question 11

Is The Tray Bpa Free?

no concept

Question Question 12

Can We Buy Refills? Thanks?

You can take a look at the sellers page to see if they offer refills, however there are sellers all over amazion who offer the peroxide gel.

Question Question 13

So Do You Mold The Tray Or Not??? It S An Electronic.?

Tray does not mold. It is formed and suits your mouth as it looks.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after acquiring and using the product, or based upon some research work) on AONOKOY Teeth Whitening Kit Professional, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

If there were more stars, we would provide. Super easy to use. You re provided numerous methods to use this product including your phone. You can plug it into your phone, put your phone in your pocket and multitask. Amazing product.

Outstanding product. We did when and we right away discovered the results. We will advise this product to all our pals.

We are reclaimed by how excellent this product is. We remain in a wedding event in 14 days and required teeth whitening asap – this is our solution. Utilized when with a distinction currently and we have very sensitivity teeth and not an issue with sensitivity emerged. We love that the expense includes numerous tubes of products, each syringe you can use two times or 3 times depending upon just how much product you like to use. The light comes with a timer integrated in so no requirement to focus on time, get your teeth white now.

It didn’t come with the appropriate port for our phone so we needed to orderone However over all it’s easy to use. The gel might have some flavor to it.

How often times do you find yourself scrolling your phone at the end of the day thinking, we should truly be doing something more efficient with our time? well now you can. You can whiten your teeth. This system includes everything you require to get going and the directions are super simple. Plug the tray into your phone, fill it with gel, pop it into your mouth and scroll away understanding you re whitening your teeth. Our teeth are super sensitive too and we have had no issues with sensitivity. What are you waiting for?.??.

Everything remained in location. It’s a very professional whitening set. Easy to use and works well.

Very great. The teeth turn white after use. Convenient and easy to use.

We never ever lightened our teeth before, since our teeth brushed our teeth every day, however they still slowly turns yellow. By utilizing this kit, we heard that it may run the risk of the teeth, however we need to state: up until now so great. Our teeth are looking brighter. We will keep using this and evaluation late when there is more effect.

Very easy to use. It’s timed and sweats off a mobile phone. We truly like this product.

We been use for 4 days currently and our teenager are whitening a lot.

We confess we were very hesitant about this, however we talked ourself into attempting it and we were happily prepared about how well this works. Our teeth are getting whiter and whiter with every use. We are not a skeptic any longer. We enjoy our smile and certainly smile more with this working so well. We would extremely advise for anybody seeking to brighten their smile and live their smile once again.

Flavor is moderate compared to other kits we have utilized. Whitening is equivalent after a few utilizes to that which we have experienced from professional whitening bleach gel that we utilized to order from our dentist. (which was almost $200) we experienced very small sensitivity after daily treatments for 1 week. That being stated, our teeth are very sensitive in basic which is why we started using alternative whitening techniques to professional in the very first location. We can not even use the strips they offer in the drug store. We have attempted them and would sob when we took a sip of water or we opened our mouth & a breeze touched our teeth. We squeeze the gel into our own custom trays that we had made at the dentist s office, however the ones offered appear they d work simply bulkier. Extremely advise this kit.

We have been using the whitening tooth set for almost twenty days. We use it every night. In the beginning we have no experience. We will get gum on the gums, which will aggravate the gums and feel uneasy. Brush your teeth once again and lick the surface area of your teeth with your tongue, it feels a bit astringent, however the teeth are whiter. Open your mouth and feel great, haha. We do n t know if it will go back to the original condition after stopping using it, however it is recommended for short-term whitening of teeth.

We got this since we are getting wed in a few months and required to whiten our teeth cheaply. Up until now after only a few weeks use we can see a noticeable distinction. We are very ecstatic and strategy to purchase another to get us through up until the wedding event. Our teeth are quickly 2 shades lighter. The system is easy to use and tastes excellent. We have had no concerns up until now. We will modify evaluation if required at the end. Up until now its amazing and a lot more affordable than professional whitening.

We have been using whitening toothpaste and mouth wash for a year now with a noticeable distinction. We been wishing to attempt a teeth whitening kit for years however have simply put it off. We have found out about sensitivity from some products however wished to attempt this professional system that prevents any kind of sensitive pain later on. The very first couple days had very little pain. After that its not a big offer and the product has worked excellent. We are exceptionally pleased and will acquiring this teeth whitening kit once again.

We have been using this for about two weeks and our teeth look whiter and brighter than before. We love the reality that we wear t requirement to invest a lots of cash to get our teeth professionally lightened. This is very effective and affordable method to whiten teeth in your home. The kit is very easy to use, no mess and although we did not have any sensitivity, we were pleased the sensitivity gel was included.

Our sibling asked us to buy this for him, his teeth are truly stained due to smoking cigarettes and extreme coffee drinking. He stated that it works for him so he ll be sending us photos for updates. We will return and provide you people an upgrade since we wan na get this for ourself too.

This product really works great. We were a bit hesitant in the beginning since we have attempted lots of other teeth whiteners and none truly do the job. This one only after 2 days of use we can currently see a big distinction. Ideally they offer the refills for this kit.

We are this kit is incredible. It s an excellent cost, and you get lots of tubes to use. Quickly two or three usages from each tube. The integrated in timer comes in handy so you wear t need to take note. We sanctuary t had any concerns with sensitivity with this, and it works.

We typically go to the dentist to get our teeth lightened however it began getting too costly so we provided this kit a shot and we are blown away with the results. We utilized it only a few times up until now and there’s currently a substantial distinction.

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