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Amazon Brand - Solimo Teeth Whitening Strips Kit

Amazon Brand – Solimo Teeth Whitening Strips Kit

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Main Benefits:

Here are a few main benefits of Amazon Brand – Solimo Teeth Whitening Strips Kit.

  • Includes 10 whitening treatments (20 strips total)
  • Enamel- safe
  • Slip- free dry touch strips
  • Use only as soon as a day for 30 minutes for 10 successive days for a long-term white smile
  • If you like Crest 3D White Traditional Vivid Whitestrips, we welcome you to attempt Solimo 10 Day Teeth Whitening Strips Kit

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More Info:

Here are some more information on Amazon Brand – Solimo Teeth Whitening Strips Kit.
Solimo 10 Day Whitening Strips Kit is enamel-safe and slip-free. For optimum results, use product 30 minutes daily for 10 successive days. 10 Day Whitening Strips Treatment will whiten only natural teeth. They will not whiten caps, crowns, veneers, fillings or dentures. Do not use with dental braces. If you have dental deal with the teeth to be dealt with, consult your dentist before use. Some individuals might experience tooth or gum sensitivity when using whiteningproducts This condition is temporary and not hazardous.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on Amazon Brand – Solimo Teeth Whitening Strips Kit.

Question Question 1

See These Non Slip?

These are excellent. They are nonslip and stick exceptionally well to your teeth.

Question Question 2

Which Kit Is The Strongest?

our company believe they re all the exact same some of them simply lasts longer

Question Question 3

Is The 10 Day A More Powerful Product Than The 20 Day?

Product information does not show limitations relating to variety of successive days product can be used.However it does state if inflammation establishes stop for 2-3 days then resume recommended use if inflammation continues or intensifies stop use of this product

Question Question 4

What Is The Hydrogen Peroxide %?

we checked out package, strip packages, and information insert. The portion of hydrogen peroxide is not readily available.

Question Question 5

How Long Your Results Last?

we believe we are doing the 14 day whitening and we are refrained from doing with the treatment yet.

Our Insights:

See our insights (based upon our own experience after buying and using the product, or based upon some research work) on Amazon Brand – Solimo Teeth Whitening Strips Kit, these may be beneficial for better understanding.

We simply completed our second day of treatment and our teeth are currently much whiter. We might see a distinction as quickly as we took the very first day’s strips off. We had light yellow teeth and do not smoke or consume tea or coffee frequently so there were not a great deal of heavy stains to eliminate. Nevertheless we are not providing this product 5 stars due to the fact that we did experience tooth sensitivity. On the very first day, it was on our bottom teeth and it was fretting us so we took it off 15 minutes early. We will most likely only do 1 more day of treatment because we do not desire blindingly white teeth.

These are much like crest whitestrips. These solimo brand whitening strips are simply as effective and method more affordable. Our teeth were looking dull from a current increase in coffee consumption after having an infant — we hadn t utilized whitening strips in more than a year and chose to provide these a shot. They re excellent. They are sticky and thin enough to adhere carefully to the areas where teeth touch, and sanctuary t triggered an excess of sensitivity to our teeth or gums. Our smile is so bright now.

It s excellent. So ez to use & works quick. Great for unique celebration like a 40 th reunion??.

We have actually wished to whiten our teeth for some time however the top quality product is so costly so we attempted solimo whitening strips. The product was easy to use and our teeth are lot whiter now. We would advise this product to anybody that is seeking to whiten their teeth.

Functions well. Observed whitening. We didnt use everyday. We did every other day to avoid sensitivity however our teeth still got sensitivite.:(.

These are cheeper than crest white strips and we believe they are much more effective.

Our teeth are considerably whiter after using these strips. Terrific rate and excellent results.

Repetitive use required.

Worked excellent.

Functions better than crest and much faster than crest.


Worked excellent and lightened teeth a number of shades.

We saw results within two days, however for us the bottom strip didn’t stick in addition to the top.

Functions excellent we would advise this product.

A number of years earlier, we went through a stage where we were consumed with whitening our teeth. We had them professionally lightened (i. E., trays) and kept this routine up by utilizing whitening toothpaste, mouthwashes or over-the-counter strips. We are always cautious not to over-due it due to the fact that we put on t wish to ruin our enamel. However we put on t see the damage of using them before a big occasion. So when used these (solimo) whitening strips we questioned what did we need to lose? think what? absolutely nothing. These work simply as well as crest whitestrips and are bit more affordable. And truthfully, after using these a little over 5 days, we saw that our teeth are little bit whiter, cleaner looking. These strips certainly remove stains triggered by red wine, mustard, grape juice, coffee, some teas, or actually anything that will stain your teeth. These strips are easy to put on your teeth. They cover the front of both your upper and bottom teeth (generally your smile). It is recommended that you leave them on for 30 minutes. If you do it longer, you may experience some sensitivity. In conclusion, we would extremely advise buying these whitening strips and using them before any upcoming unique occasion or simply to brighten your smile.

Solimo’s 10 day whitening strips are easy to use. It comes with whitening strips for upper and bottom teeth in one plan. Simply put it on front of you teeth (fold excess) and leave it on for a half hour. Great for removing coffee, wine and smoke stains and is enamel-safe. It’s basic and easy to use and method more affordable than crest 3d white strips. Recommended.

We have actually been whitening our teeth for years, and have a great deal of experience using crest whitening strips. We have found that doing tray whitening of our teeth gets the very best results, however we clearly can t do that all the time or our whole mouth would break down. So we were looking for a whitening strip more affordable than crest that might help us out in between tray treatments, and that s when we came acrossthese This generic brand whitening strips cost a portion of crest, and we found they carried out simply the exact same. We certainly prepare to continue using them. Pros: when looking for whitening strips, we always initially make certain they re enamel-safe (due to the fact that of all the abovementioned waste we put our teeth through). These made the cut. Like using most strips, we experienced tooth and gum sensitivity for possibly the very first two sessions, however the pain dissipated by the third day. They look almost similar to the crest strips, and hold on to your teeth in the exact same method too. We found them to be basically on par with crest in regards to how white our teeth sought the 10 days. It s not an extreme night and day distinction (which must never ever be anticipated), however our teeth definitely looked cleaner and whiter. We are pretty amazed by simply how comparable the two products are, and we almost question if a dissatisfied previous worker from crest didn’t leakage their secrets to the solimo product design group. Cons: we should confess we are always suspicious of products that profess to do the exact same thing as other products for a portion of the rate. In our mind there needs to be some factor this product is a lot more affordable than the one it imitates, however we sanctuary t been able to put our finger on it. Perhaps it s even worse for your teeth? even worse for the environment?in any case, we mean to get more of these solimo strips for periodic whitening. They re working, so we are pretty happy.

If you have actually utilized crest white strips then you know they’re expensive however get the job done when it pertains to removing coffee/cigarettes/soda stains. We wondered to see how the brand would do (considering they’ll most likely take control of most products in the future) and it succeeded – fold over, let sit for 30 minutes (we have a tough time with leaving things like this in our mouth) and see the enhancement after a week. We did see a little bit of an enhancement and so did our partner. It deserves a shot and certainly a lot more affordable than having it done professionally.

We would love to have completely white teeth all the time, however we are not happy to quit coffee. A few years earlier, we had our teeth lightened at the dentist’s office, and they are still fairly white, however might be whiter. That’s where the whitening strips can be found in. We are most likely one of the few individuals who have not attempted crest strips, so we can’t compare, however we can state these work. After 4 days, we might inform a certain distinction. They actually weren’t any whiter after 10 days, however that’s ok due to the fact that the enhancement after day 4 was very obvious. No pain or sensitivity like when we had our teeth lightened in dentist’s office. Excellent product.

Appears to be providing excellent products in all locations. These work in addition to the crest we were using. At a much lower expense, this will be our new go to whitening strips. Thx.

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